How Working With a VA Can Change Your Life

It’s not always easy for an entrepreneur to delegate tasks or determine areas of their business better suited under the responsibility umbrella of someone else. When I consult with business owners, I’m continually asked to help them sort through their to-do lists and design a strategy that will allow them to focus on building and gaining ground in their businesses, without letting those daily essentials fall to the wayside.

If you find yourself stuck wondering how a VA could help you quantify your productivity, you’ve come to the right place. This list is only the beginning, and will hopefully help you lay the groundwork for the best partnership you’ll create in your business venture: that between you and your virtual assistant.

Personnel & Human Resources


  • Create job description
  • Place ads
  • Receive & review resumes
  • Conduct initial phone (or web) interviews
  • Narrow selection down to final candidates
  • Schedule final interviews
  • Perform employment verification
  • Create employee welcome packet
  • Handle initial hiring paperwork, like W9, Non-compete, Non-disclosure, etc.
  • Schedule and prepare employee performance reviews
  • Maintain employee contact information, date of hire, etc.
  • Complete employee payroll verification

Purchasing Supplies

  • Ordering business cards for employees
  • Maintain credit card information for purchasing equipment and supplies
  • Create and maintain inventory of necessary supplies/equipment for your business
  • Create equipment check-out contract
  • Update calendar of ordering or expected return of supplies/equipment
  • Manage inventory on loan
  • Create and maintain list of supplies needing to be ordered
  • Order inventory of supplies or gifts for clients, centers of influence, etc.
  • Keeping up-to-date on accounts payable for supply orders
  • Researching vendors for quality, price, and comparison
  • Designing and ordering promotional materials (branded with your business logo, etc.)

E-Mail & Calendar Management

Email Utilization:

  • Create several canned responses to various inquiries
  • Create filters
  • Manage your correspondence, reply on your behalf
  • Create the branding for your outgoing messages through your particular email client
  • Set up email account(s)
  • Monitor and respond to website correspondence sent through email


  • Access to view your calendar and schedule
  • Create and manage separate calendars for professional/personal appointments
  • Sync calendar on electronic devices and other calendar formats
  • Confirm and schedule appointments on your behalf
  • Add addresses/contact info to your calendar
  • Reschedules meetings or appointments if necessary
  • Can let appointments/contacts know when you’re running late, etc.

Marketing & Social Media Management


  • Create and manage client satisfaction surveys
  • Track key indicators
  • Create brochures, printed materials, etc.
  • Create press releases
  • Manage graphics/logos

Social Media Management:

  • Post and schedule updates/engagements/ads on social media
  • Maintains guidelines for types of posts and content created
  • Keep track of budget for ads
  • Forum and/or comment moderation
  • Respond to all social media inquiries
  • Schedule/create pins on Pinterest
  • Build/maintain LinkedIn profile
  • Utilize Buffer/CoSchedule to keep all avenues of social media up-to-date

Copy Editing

  • Grammar/punctuation editing
  • Formatting
  • Repurposing old content
  • Editing first/third person voice
  • Editing syntax

Travel Arrangements

  • Arrange personal and professional travel (planes, trains, & automobiles!)
  • Maintains frequent flyer information/rewards membership details
  • Handles reservations for hotels, restaurants, conference centers
  • Manages travel based on your preferences


  • Bill Pay
  • Paying or sending reminders when bills are due
  • Managing PayPal/other banking details
  • Invoicing clients
  • AR/AP
  • Quickbooks and bank statement reconciliation
  • Time tracking for billable services
  • Past due account followup

Event & Project Management

  • Webinar content creation
  • Monitors webinar attendees, answers questions live
  • Troubleshoots technological glitches
  • Manages employees
  • Keeps track of hours/clients/billing for contractors/employees
  • Monitors timelines and deadlines for all projects and events

Admin & Telephone Support

  • Answers incoming calls
  • Manages Google Voice account, replies to voicemails
  • Routes calls to appropriate team member
  • File organization/routine paperwork
  • Maintains electronic files/scanning/master lists
  • Contract management, or other routine document management
  • DropBox or other Cloud storage management
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Client Nurturing
  • Assisting with your to-do list

Web Management

  • Web edits/SEO
  • Editing Word Press content
  • Updating relevant content
  • Keyword research, optimization, submission to online directories
  • Checking for broken links/page errors
  • Analytic monitoring and reporting
  • Requesting link collaboration with other sites
  • eCommerce management
  • Manage online shopping cart
  • Create online marketing campaign
  • Track sales/leads

And we haven’t even touched on research, database management, conference and event planning, or the multitude of other areas a VA can handle so you don’t have to!

An integral part of growing a business, is reducing the amount of work you’re handling by yourself. There is no better feeling than knowing your clients, paperwork, and projects are all being handled by capable, talented people, giving you the opportunity to fortify your business with your own entrepreneurial talents.

Drop me a line today, and let’s talk about how working with a VA will change your life.


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