When Writers Write About Me

It’s not every day someone wants to write about me, but it does happen. And I’m always honored to be featured in someone else’s world. Recently, I had the tremendous privilege of being interviewed by a woman who has fantastic writing talents and abilities, and has definitely made her mark in the world of authors.

When Writers Write

I love reading, and writing, but I’d much rather let someone else do the writing part so I can spend more time enjoying the reading part. I guess that’s part of why I’m thrilled to share this interview with you. Amanda put her skills to work and now the rest of us can enjoy the fruits of her labor, and simply sit back and read.

Before we get to the interview, let me share a little about Amanda.

Amanda is a freelance writer, blogger, social media manager, and copywriter. Her passion for writing began in the 7th grade, and you can learn more about that directly from her website. She has been featured and published on various blogs and websites. She has also written four books and three eBooks for a school curriculum company. (I love it when people are investing their gifts and talents into children – our future!)

Amanda loves reading good books, magazines, and blogs. I think we can all relate to that. She’s a gem, I’m thrilled to be part of her network, and without further ado – here’s the write up she did for our interview.

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