How A VA Affects Your Personal Brand

Do you realize that your VA affects your personal brand?

Whether you’ve been aware of this fact or spend your days so laser focused that it hasn’t been a thought, your VA is a direct representation of your personal brand.

This representation can come across in a number of ways. Everything from customer service, live networking to their social media presence, your VA and your team is a walking billboard for your business and a reflection of your brand.

You Aren’t The Only Face Of The Company

As much as we like to think that we alone are the face of the company, the truth is that a majority of your customers will interact just as much, if not more, with your team members. A shocking blow to our ego, but truth in every word. Instead of cracking under the weight of a business, give your VA the freedom to represent you. Heck, they may be better at it that you are!

I Tried To Do It Alone

When I first started Priority VA it was just me, a computer and a phone. I was the face of the company. That was until I started to crumble under the weight of a rapidly growing business. I quickly realized that I was not going to be able to drive this ship alone.

Once I knew I was ready to bring on a new team member, I knew it had to be someone who would represent my brand well. My first hire was a home run! We’ve worked together for over three years now and I know that my VA, Kim, represents my brand exactly as I would. With integrity, hard work and dedication.

Since my initial hire, I’ve added to my team slowly and decisively with team members who share the same integrity as I do as the CEO of the company.

One example of this is the day my team flew back home from our team retreat in Savannah.

On my drive back home, I received a text from Kim that said she, Bethany and Monica started a conversation with a gentleman waiting to board a flight. It started with a quick comment about the company on his t-shirt and quickly progressed into how Priority VA could work for him. An all out sales pitch in the airport terminal! That is something I would do!! I love that they are all willing to represent my brand in a positive light, sharing with entrepreneurs wherever they may be… even in Terminal 8!

How To Incorporate Your VA

Why did my team have the confidence to approach a stranger in an airport? Because I’ve made them a part of my business.

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time letting their VA into their world. However, what I’ve learned in my time building a team and coaching others is that you should fully immerse your team in every area of your business.

How do you do this? By conversation and – get ready for it– not being a control freak! *gasp*

Let’s face it! There are a lot of things we do that quite frankly; we shouldn’t be doing. Let your VA in. Give them access to your business. Let them hear your vision and give them the freedom to represent you well.

They Aren’t You, And That’s Okay

True, your team is not you. But that doesn’t mean they won’t care about your business as much as you do. A high-quality VA, full of integrity, with a heart for entrepreneurs, is going to treat your business with the same tenderness and care that you do. Trust me! I didn’t think I could find that person and I found an entire team of them!

Are You Tired Of Representing Your Business Alone?

Have you tried to operate in every aspect of business by yourself?

Perhaps, you recruited help, only to be burned by unprofessionalism or efforts that were laid back and a poor representation of you and your brand.

Regardless of the situation, I can feel the exhaustion each time I talk to an entrepreneur tired of trekking through business alone. I can sympathize because I’ve been there. And I’ve also added professionals to my team who look out for the best interest in my business. Everything from customer service, content creation, to recruiting and system development. Each one operates in their strengths to represent my brand as well as I do.

Helper vs. Partner

Are you ready to begin working with someone who is more than a “helper” but a partner?

Priority VA was born to serve entrepreneurs who need a partner in their business to not only grow

Priority VA was born to serve entrepreneurs who need a partner in their business to not only grow their business but represent their brand just as they would. So much more than a task master but rather a partner who roll up their sleeves and work in the trenches right along with you.

I  want to help you! There is nothing that would excite me more than to watch one of my 80+ VAs represent you, your business and watch them become more than “helper” but another face of your business.

Let’s start the conversation here.

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