The Roller Coaster of Launches

I recently wrapped up a big launch with one of my clients. The excitement that comes along with launches can only be compared to one thing….. A Roller Coaster!

Launches aren’t for the faint of heart. They take hard work, focus and commitment.

Now, there are plenty of launch strategies floating around the world wide web, but I’m here today to give you some behind the scenes advice and encouragement for your next launch.

Roller Coaster of Launches

Prepare yourself

With every launch that I’ve been a part of, there is a lot of anticipation. So much goes on behind the scenes… creating the program, setting up registration pages and spreadsheets galore. While all of that is good and necessary, there is one thing that you need to stop and do. Prepare. Whether you’re a rookie on the team or a veteran, be sure that you familiarize yourself the content. There is nothing worse than being in a chat room on launch day and you still aren’t sure what you’re promoting. Take time to watch a few modules, read through the transcripts and know what the goal of the program is. Time can get away from you when you’re anxiously awaiting your launch, but this is one thing that is a must! Another thing is to be sure you’re prepared at home, too. I tend to create a lot of crock pot meals, or freezer meals weeks before a launch. I know my kids still need to eat, but mama may be locked in her office during dinner. So, plan ahead so you, and your lovelies can still get a warm meal during launch chaos. Trust me, you’ll need the nutrients a good meal will provide over McDonalds fries when you’re running low on sleep.

Be nice. Even when others aren’t

This one’s a toughie! In general, I am a nice person. I want the best for people and want to help them. When the kindness is reciprocated, it makes it a heck of a lot easier than when it’s disregarded and I am the brunt of someone’s anger. This doesn’t happen often, but occasionally, people can tend to get a little disgruntled. Keep in mind that their frustration is most likely not caused by you, but a situation. You are representing your client and even though it’s hard, you have to smile and give them the best customer service! I’ve watched situations turn around just because I was nice. Like Grandma always said; “You catch more flies with honey”! Sidebar: I’m not sure why you would want to catch flies, but I digress!

The dip is coming

My least favorite part of a roller coaster is the dip. Is that the technical term? Well, whatever it’s called; the dip, the fall, the part where my stomach is in my throat… it’s the worst! I know it’s coming, so I have to get ready. This is the part when you’re smack dab in the middle of a launch. You’re running on a little less sleep, the coffee cups that are normally in your cupboards are now scattered in your office. It isn’t pretty, but it happens to the best of us. There is no better advice here that to tell you to buckle down, it will be over soon. Rest, eat, work, repeat. Remember those crock-pot meals? They’ll come in handy right about now. Hang in there, you’ve almost reached the finish line!

Celebrate The Wins

Whether it’s the number of registrants you wanted, or the sales just tipped over into the 5, 6, or 7 figures… celebrate. I typically do this on our team by changing up our Slack messages at login. It’ll have an encouraging quote, a WooHoo! Or I’ll even post our “next” goal, so everyone knows we’re in this together. As a team. That’s right, you’re part of this success, too. So own it. And know that your contribution is significant!

You’ve made it

Congratulations! You’ve survived the launch! All of the anticipation that you just felt led you to a great accomplishment. Not everyone is cut out for launches. It isn’t easy. Halfway through, you begin to wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. You haven’t combed your hair in days, you have a permanent vision of a countdown timer anywhere you look, and the customers are happy and eager to get started.  When you’ve wrapped up cart close and you have the launch behind you, you begin to look forward to the next one. (After a little breather, right?)

Launches are exciting. Even though I spent an entire year in perpetual launch cycles with clients once, I was always so eager to be a part of something that is important to your client and quite honestly, builds camaraderie with your client and team members that you work with.

So, buckle up, pour another cup of coffee, and support your clients launches as if they were your own. They’ll be grateful for it.

What keeps you going through your launches?