The #1 Question That Virtual Assistants (and the Clients Seeking Them) Need to Answer…

The demand for quality VA’s just got a lot bigger!

We were as surprised as anyone to hear the announcement that industry-leading VA agency Zirtual was closing their doors.

“Pause in operations” was how the company phrased it, and we really don’t know much from them about how it happened or why. What we do know is that their website, Facebook, Twitter and all online accounts were shut down and VA’s told that they were now on their own to work out terms with their clients.

In the grand scheme of things, maybe it’s not such surprising news. Start-up companies shut down every day, often for reasons unexplained.

Sometimes it’s just a natural outflow of growth–the company’s great idea ran its course, or it grew too fast for infrastructure to keep up, or the founders realized that they wanted to take things in a different direction.

The hard part, of course, is when people are the collateral damage.

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In the case of Zirtual, thousands of virtual businesses and entrepreneurs are left wondering how to manage the manpower that they had confidently outsourced to the agency.

And what about the other half of the equation? The thousands of VAs who depended on the company to match them with clients and handle the accountability side of things, are now left unsupported and wondering what to do next.

What Now?

They can, of course, keep working with their clients. But if you’re a VA, you know it’s not as simple as that. You’re probably already running in circles to keep up with your clients’ schedule…but now you have to learn, on top of all that, how to market and manage yourself as well? That’s like adding a whole new client to your list!

Then there’s the option of signing up with another VA agency. Again, to outsiders it might sound like a simple fix. But when a company as big and seemingly successful as Zirtual goes up in smoke, a lot of VAs are now wondering what agency they can trust not to disappear with no explanation.

If only there were a third way…

Oh wait. There is one.

Introducing … The Boutique Agency

All over the country, compact agencies (like us!) exist to help talented, committed people (like you!) find amazing client matches for your services.

We’re not seeking to get rich or build multi-national empires. Instead, we focus on building long-term, collaborative relationships with top-quality people, and then hand-selecting them for the perfect fit between client need and VA capability.

And our work doesn’t stop there. Rather than sitting back and collecting our monthly fee, we spend hours nurturing that client-VA matchup, giving both parties the loving attention they need to get the most value out of their professional relationship.

Isn’t it amazing? A nation’s worth of VAs who specialize in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs never even knew they had the option of being supported by the same kind of business in their career.

The Third Way
With the closing of Zirtual, VAs everywhere are going to be wondering what to do.

There are, of course, advantages to signing on with another big agency. The main one, of course, is that it’s a big pool. Like searching for a car at Carmax, you know that there are going to be gigs available to you.

The big question, of course, is will any of them be the right fit?

There are also advantages to DIY-ing your VA career. You don’t have to pay any fees, and you can manage the relationship completely on your own terms.

The question there is how soon will you find that dream client? (And how much of that extra legwork do you really want to do?)

Our hope is that, as the news about Zirtual’s closing spreads, more and more business owners and VAs become aware of the possibilities that open up when you work with a boutique agency.

The Big Question — Should You Go Boutique?

Clients who work with a small, quality-over-quantity agency can

–Choose from a lovingly curated list of talent who has been personally vetted by the agency. (Not just for their skill set, but for their personability, commitment and team spirit.)

–Leave the interviewing and hiring to someone who knows exactly what they’re looking for AND where to find it!

–Negotiate hours, wages and contracts and manage accountability between you and your VA. (In other words, iron out the wrinkles before they turn into major messes!)

For VAs, the boutique agency will help them

–Increase their marketability by determining the unique skill set they bring to the table.. (At Priority VA, we have you take a strengths test!)

–Connect and communicate effectively with clients. (This is especially helpful in those early months when you and your new client are getting to know each other from a distance.)

–Get paid on time. (The only thing worse than not having a job is having a job where you have to ask for your paycheck…over and over again…every single month.)

Bottom line, a boutique agency might be the answer you’re looking for.

…Especially a boutique agency like Priority VA. (If we do say so ourselves.)

We are a VA agency built from the ground up by former and current VAs.

Put another way, we are a small business that just happens to be a VA agency.

We understand both sides of the client-VA relationship in a unique and deep way.

If you’re a hard-working VA (and we know you are!), you want to feel like you matter. We have been in your shoes–we know what it takes to succeed in your career. More than that, we know that you bring an incomparable set of skills and passions to your work that are going to be music to the ears of a very specific client…the one who needs you and only you. When you work with Priority VA, you can be assured that we have made your success our personal project.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a VA, we couldn’t be more excited to connect you with the perfect person who shares your vision and can offer a set of administrative skills that allow you to thrive in your happy creative zone. We also understand that you’re looking for white-glove service on a coveralls budget. That’s why we keep our overhead low, in order to provide you with top-shelf talent that can help you grow your business steadily and sustainably.

Other things both clients and VAs can count on from Priority VA:

–personalized support from one talented VA, not a cubical farm of VAs paid just over minimum wage

–customized matching based not only on skills, but character and culture of your company

–access to top notch training, support and resources so as your business grows, so does your VA

— decision maker VAs who aren’t afraid to tackle a new project or learn a new skill they are decisive, action takers who see your business as their own and contribute as if they are running their own business, not just yours

–timely communication, invoicing and payment. We know your business runs smoothly when we run ours smoothly.

Want to know more? (We knew you did.) Click here to talk to us about how working with Priority VA can transform your client-VA relationship from “a good working relationship” to a match made in heaven!



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