30 Things I’m Thankful For

Chances are, your Facebook feed has been flooded with the annual “Thankful Posts”. I’ve participated in years past. It was fun to sit down each day and write something I was thankful for. Though I didn’t write thankful posts each day on Facebook this year, I thought I’d take time to write 30 things I’m thankful for.

Thankfulness looks different for each of us.

Regardless of how different our lists may look, it’s important to keep thankfulness at the forefront of our minds. Now and all year long.


1. My Husband

Ya’ll! (I’ve been in the south for a while, so it’s now a permanent part of my vocabulary!) I have the most patient husband in the world. He takes care of me, believes in me and loves me. He has stood by my side for the past 15 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. My Kids

Never in a million years could I have imagined loving 4 human beings as much as I do. My girls are my heart!

3. Adoption

I never understood how beautiful adoption was until I experienced it for myself. They are ours and we are theirs. Forever!

4. Jesus                                                         screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-4-30-38-pm

I couldn’t get through a day without Him. I may cuss a little, but I know He loves me despite my downfalls.

5. Religious freedom

I love that we live in a country that allows us religious freedom. While we may not agree, we can agree to disagree.

6. My Clients

This may sound cliche’, but I mean this with the truest sincerity. I’m amazed by the clients I have the opportunity to serve.

7. Priority VAs

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of growing my team to 50+ VAs. Each VA brings a special skill set to the table and work hard to reflect PVA in a positive light.

8. My core teamimg_7920

I don’t want to brag, but my team is better than yours! Okay, so maybe that was bragging!! All joking aside, the team that I’ve surrounded myself with are top players. I know they have my back and want the best for my business.

9. Modern medicine

Without the benefits of modern medicine, I’d be a hot mess! ‘Nuff said!

10. My home

Often times, I take this for granted. On my way to bed and as I turn off the last light in my home, I’m thankful for the love that these 4 walls hold.

11. The beach                    screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-4-36-35-pm

Life doesn’t get better than when I’m on the beach. Salty air, crashing waves and sand between my toes. I can’t get enough!

12. Business

I love being a business owner! To watch something that started as a dream blossom into a thriving business that is much bigger than I could have imagined brings on the ugly cry!

13. Books

I recently set a goal for myself to read more. I love the power of words. How they inspire me, teach me and spur me on to greatness.

14. Technology

With the help of technology, I’ve built a business, worked with some of the best business minds in the world and met some of my closest friends and confidants. Thanks, tech!

15. Sunshine

Nothing can bring a mood up better than some good old fashioned Vitamin D!

16. Kickboxing screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-4-25-58-pm

I recently rekindled my love for kickboxing. Punching that bag brings me more joy than you’ll ever know!

17. My Mentors

I never want to be the smartest person in the room. I’m thankful for people that take time to pour into my life and my business.

18. Coffee

Coffee is my love language! #truth

19. My network

Sometimes it’s just dumb luck, sometimes it’s who you know. Regardless of how the connections happen, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most brilliant people on the planet.

20. This is us

All. The. Feels. If you haven’t watched This Is Us yet, it’s a must! Cancel your Tuesday night plans, DVR it, stream it… I don’t care how you do it, just watch it! You’ll love it!

21. Liplessscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-4-21-44-pm

If laughter is the best medicine, then you NEED this game. I haven’t laughed so hard in my life!

22. Encouragers

Years ago, I didn’t believe that I needed a cheerleader. I’ve come to realize that I do need key people in my corner to encourage me. No pom-poms needed!

23. Logical thinkers

I’m a dreamer, so I need people around me that will bring my feet back to the ground and help me create a plan that makes sense.

24. Airplanes

Orville and Wilbur must have known how much I would dislike road trips. I love that I can jet from coast to coast in a matter of hours.

25. Gut checks

When in doubt, I always trust my gut. It’s never let me down!

26. Chili Cheese Fries

Have you had chili cheese fries? It’s why I have to kickbox!

27. Creativity

I love the beauty that creativity brings. Whether it’s watching my daughter perfect her photography skills or my team design a marketing plan. Every plan, every skill requires creativity.

28. Breathscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-5-06-42-pm

I’m training myself to take time to breathe.

29. Conversations

I love getting to know people. Not just on the surface, but what is going on in their minds.

30. Cameras

My kids are only little for so long. Someday I’ll look back on the moments I’m capturing now and cherish them. If you aren’t taking a million pictures now, start today! In the years to come, you’ll thank yourself.

What are you thankful for?

Take time this week to write down 30 things you’re thankful for. At first it may seem overwhelming, but once you get started, it will be hard to stop.

You may find it therapeutic and who doesn’t need a little free therapy every now and then?!

10 Tasks To Delegate Today

Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed. Okay, hands down.

I think we can all agree that life can get a little insane.

The longer I’m in business for myself, the more I realize the line between personal and business is very thin. If I’m not careful, both sides blend together to create chaos.

Not the beautiful chaos in abstract paintings, but the “Holy crap the house is on fire.” kind of chaos. Like it or not, it’s happened!

A few years ago, I reached a point in my business where I realized if I’m going to continue to serve my clients well, I needed to recruit help. That’s right, the VA hired a VA! Since then, I’ve continued to grown my team. The more I delegate, the lighter I feel.

If you’re having a “house is on fire” moment or perhaps, you’re just beginning to smell a little smoke, then I have a solution for you.


  1. CRM Management

  • Keep up to date on your customers.
  1. Social Media Management

  • Build your online presence through amazing graphics and repurposing content.
  1. Copywriting

  • You VA can quickly learn your voice and can write newsletters and blog posts.
  1. Email Management

  • Email can bog us down. Your VA can manage that beast and get you to inbox zero.
  1. Blog post clean up and posting

  • If you love to write, but don’t have time to post to your site, your VA has that handled.
  1. Project Management

  • Your VA will stay on top of your projects and make sure that everything is moving along.
  1. Event Management

  • Speakers, food, travel. It can become a lot for you to manage.
  1. Set up timelines for product launch

  • Ask your VA to determine a timeline for your launch and keep you accountable.
  1. Set up LeadPages

  • Setting up beautiful LeadPages can take time. Why not delegate?
  1. Set up affiliate accounts

  • Affiliate accounts are a great way to create residual income.

When it comes to working with a VA, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Feel free to start small. Once you’ve assigned the first few tasks, it becomes easier to delegate more to your VA. And believe me when I say that there is nothing more your VA wants, than to help you build your business.

Still not sure what to delegate. Let’s hop on a call. Let’s start outsourcing together!

3 Key Ingredients To Maintain Integrity In Your Business

To run a successful business, it’s important to maintain integrity.

The integrity that you started out with.

The integrity that you pledged your allegiance to.

Unless you’re as pure as the driven snow, you’ve been tempted to cover your “you know what” a time or two. Giving into this temptation can completely alter the way people in your circle perceive you and it can be detrimental to your reputation and your business.

How can you maintain integrity in your business? Although the list could go on for miles, I decided to share 3 of my favorite character traits that will serve you well in business.



Honesty is always number one on my list. Have you ever been around a person that wasn’t honest? I have and when you end a conversation with them you feel dirty. You feel like they’ve tried to “play” you. I never want anyone to feel this way with myself or my team.

People aren’t perfect. Try as we might, we will never achieve that level of perfection, no matter how hard we try.

We are all human and we fall sometimes. How we respond to the fall is what defines our character. Owning up to mistakes or areas we lack in isn’t easy, but getting caught in a lie, well that is so much worse.


Respect is much for than an Aretha Franklin song. I only mention that, because I can’t read or hear that work without bursting into song.

I love the Motto from the Ritz Carlton.  “We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”. No one is above you and no one is below you.

We are all here to serve one another. When you’re meeting with potential clients, it’s important to treat each person with the same respect. What a world we would live in if we all lived by this rule.

Over promise, Over deliver.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of people pleasing. We want to be everything to everyone at all times. While this may be approached with the greatest of intentions, we often fall short in this area.

Instead of promising everything to everyone, try promising what you know you CAN deliver and do it with excellence. Saying “No” isn’t easy, but when your reputation is on the line, say “Yes” to what you know you can provide and “No” to the things you can’t.

These 3 points may seem elementary. However, I feel it is necessary to bring back some of the basics. After all, the tallest buildings have the firmest foundations.

How do you maintain integrity in your business?

10 Signs You Should Invest In A Virtual Assistant

Last month, my office had a makeover. While my new digs are awesome, there was a picture that sat on my desk that I loved. It said “If you’re looking for a sign, here it is”. Simple and profound. Plus, it was cute and trendy!

We’re always looking for a sign.

  • A sign for what we should do next.
  • A sign for when we should move.
  • A sign for when we should alter our life plan.
  • A sign for when we’re doing something right (or wrong).

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is.


1. You only see your family on your computer background.

I know this sounds a little tongue in cheek, but this can be a real problem. I’ve experienced this first hand. Not intentionally, but it happens. You start on too many projects while fulfilling your regulars tasks and time slips away. It happens to the best of us. Instead of getting upset with yourself, decide on a new course of action.

2. You spend too much time on one problem.

The beauty of a Virtual Assistant is that they are experienced is a wide variety of programs. While we entrepreneurs have ideas running out our ears, we don’t always have the tools or skill set to make the pretty websites or write outstanding copy. When you notice that you’re spending too much time on one problem, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

3. You no longer feel the excitement of your work anymore.

There are days when daunting tasks suck the joy right out of your dreams. If you’ve lost the spark and excitement, chances are it’s because the tasks that seemed easy on paper have turned out to more complicated. It’s okay to admit that you need help. Hiring a VA to take over tasks that are haunting you will breathe life back into your business… AND YOU!

4. You’ve lost inspiration.

Perhaps you are tech savvy. You know the ins and outs of sales funnels and Ads. That’s great, but what if they are your only focus. Delegating these things doesn’t mean you can’t chip in every now and then. It simply means that you are going to free up your time to get inspired again.

5. Your health is taking a toll.

If you eat more than your fair share of antacids before, during and after every meal, it’s time to reevaluate. I’ve experienced stress like this. It isn’t healthy. Stress and anxiety can crush you. Don’t try to “prove yourself” and go through this alone. A failing immune system is not what the doctor ordered. If stress is getting the best of you, you NEED help. You NEED a VA!

6. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

There is no shame in admitting that you can’t handle everything. Starting out, we have grand ideas. The problem is, we sign up for a CRM tool or start designing a website and get in over our heads. It’s okay! That’s what a VA is here for. To lighten your load.

7. You’re doubting yourself.

If I had a nickel for every time I started to doubt myself, I’d have…. well…. I’d have a lot of nickels! How many times have you started a task and try to talk yourself out of it. Hire a VA and they won’t talk you out of it. In fact, they would start telling you of the 50 ways that you’ll sell this product. Trust me! A VA is your best cheerleader.

8. You’re stress paralyzed.

I don’t know if this is an actual diagnosis, but I believe with all of my heart that it is real. When you are stress paralyzed, you find yourself in the fetal position in the corner of your office because everything has become too much. Share your thoughts, your ideas, your goals with someone else. Empower your VA to systemize your business. Your VA will put systems and processes in place that will give you mobility again!

9. You aren’t operating in your strength.

Repeat after me… It is okay if I’m not good at something!

You know, it truly is okay to be bad at something. We all have our strengths. Hiring a VA will allow you to operate in your strength, while your VA operates in their strength. It’s a win, win!

10. Things aren’t turning out like you had planned.

You had dreams. You had plans. I understand. Stop, take a step back and breathe. If things aren’t turning out the way you planned, simply reevaluate. It could be that one cog in the wheel is off. Adjust is and move on.

I truly believe with all my heart that in a VA is worth every cent. It’s simply a matter of flipping the switch in your brain from a business “expense” to a business “investment”. When you invest in the right things for your business, you’ll see exponential growth.

If you can relate to one or all ten of the signs mentioned, I’d love to chat with you. I’ve built a team of outstanding VAs that love to serve entrepreneurs like you and me.

It Takes A Village

You’ve heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

While there are differing opinions on this idea, I’m a believer.

I think about all of the times that close friends and family have taken extra time to take care of my kids while I’m traveling or simply take them for an afternoon to play. They’ve helped form my kids view on life by being a trusted friend. I couldn’t do life without them!
This same sentiment rings true as an entrepreneur. My business is my 5th baby. It would be irresponsible of me to let “just anyone” teach me how to run my business or come along side me to drive this ship.

I put my heart and soul into this business.

It’s important that I treat it with as much tenderness as I do with everything else in my life. Entrusting it only to those who has my best interest at heart.

it takes a village

People have good intentions, but they aren’t always a good fit for your business.

We know A LOT of people. Most of them are good people, but it doesn’t mean that they get to make decisions in my business. They may come to us with the purest of intentions, but at the end of the day, they don’t know a thing about what I do or how my competitors run their businesses.

Does this make them bad? No. Do they have good intentions? Often times, yes.

Remember, you have to do what is best for your business despite someone else’s good intentions.

Who is in your village?

Look around. Who is in your village? Who do you know that can speak life into your business?

For me, it’s my Business Coach, Todd. You’ve heard me talk about him during his launch of The 90 Day Year. It’s so much more than words with this guy! He truly has been the catalyst to launch my business further than I could have imagined. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve worked my tail off, but without his guidance, I would be running in circles, going nowhere fast.

The other piece of my village comes in the form of my team. I don’t let just anyone work with me. I interview, I research, I do my homework and decide who I can trust with the day in and day out details.

Surround yourself with people that you trust. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my team has my back! Once you find those people, you can achieve anything!

Above all else, remember that you decide who is in your village. Trust your gut.
It’s okay that you don’t ask everyone to join your village. Some people aren’t cut out for it.

By listening to your intuition, you’ll have a peace about your village.


Taking Off The Mask

Last week, I spent several days in Sunny San Diego! I was there to attend SMMW 2016 hosted by Social Media Examiner.

It was such a great time to get away, learn new tricks of the trade for my business and meet up with some amazing people.
There are days when I have to pinch myself when I see who I get to rub shoulders with. There was one morning in particular when I was invited, yes, INVITED, to a Mastermind breakfast. I was a surreal moment to get the invitation by my friends Kary and Brian walk into a room full of super stars! Check out this picture. Super Stars FOR REAL!


As I sat in the room with people that I have worked with and admired, I couldn’t believe that I was there. Then something strange happened… I began to take off the mask.

You know the mask that I’m talking about. The one that we all wear to hide our vulnerability.

As we sat around a table having breakfast and talking business, I began to share my experience of realizing that I couldn’t manage my business by myself.

Imagine that, a VA needing a VA!
I told all of these wonderful people how I had reached a point in my life where I couldn’t juggle it all. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I’m very good at pointing out where other people need help, but when it came to myself, I wanted everyone to think that I had super powers! We all do it, especially us that are naturally competitive.

Play cards with me… I’ll wipe the floor with you!

See, there I go again…. talking big talk…. now back to my truly epic morning!

I discovered something that day. I wasn’t alone.

As I began to make myself vulnerable, others around me began to share their struggles, too.

If I could share one piece of advice with you, it would be to take off the mask. We like to save face and think that we can handle all of the pressure alone and then we will be held in high esteem. That isn’t the case. We are held in high esteem when we are honest with the people around us, specifically our tribe.

Do you have a networking group that you’re a part of? Perhaps you’ve played with the idea of joining a mastermind. Don’t hesitate another minute. Once you’ve joined that tribe, might I challenge you to be authentic with them. Don’t hide your fears, your flaws and your needs. You’ll be amazed at the support (and respect) that comes when you are transparent with your tribe.

Tell me… how do you remain authentic in a world of masks?

The Glamorous Life of a VA

There is a stereotype that comes along with working from home. Anytime I go to my kids school or run into an old friend at the grocery store, I can read the look on people’s faces…

“What do you do all day?”

Now for those of us in the biz, we know what a Virtual Assistant is capable of. We work hard and get stuff done. Not just a little stuff, but serious (insert colorful expletive here) STUFF! We don’t mess around!

However, some people think that working from home includes sleeping in, taking a nap, lounging around in my pajamas and/ or watching every afternoon talk show. Want to know a little secret? I DREAM of a nap! If I had time to watch Ellen every day, I totally would!

I don’t take offense to it. It’s an honest (sometimes unspoken) question and I welcome the intrigue.

It is truly a blessing to work from my home, but it isn’t the cakewalk that some people tend to think it is.

Here is a little peak into……

The Glamorous Life of a VA

*Caution: This feels a little like a “Dear Diary” moment!*

5:00am: My day starts. I’m a morning person, so by 5:00am I’m up, dressed and taking my cup of coffee to my office. I recently bought a Keurig and am secretly thinking of bringing it up to my bedroom with bottles of water so I can work from bed like Winston Churchill. I like to get a couple hours of work done before it’s time to get my kids ready for school.

7:00am: Time to get the littles up and at ‘em. No need to go into detail here. I have 4 daughters, so just imagine the drama and you’ll send me sympathy cards. I love them, but OH.MY. WORD. girls are a bit dramatic!

8:00am: Kids are dropped off and I’m back in the office. I have 4 hours of back to back interviews starting at 8:40, so it’s time to catch up on my email. Today I was offered a chance to speak at a large event. WHAT? I can’t believe I get to live this life!

8:10am: Email my team about the event. We need slides, content and I need a new outfit! 😉

8:35am: One of my Clients emailed asking for advice on a project he’s working on. I’m a servant at heart, so I do my best to make sure that my clients are taken care of.

8:40am: Let the interview marathon begin! I love meeting with people all over the country. This time is peppered with emails, texts and slack messages.

12:30pm: I have a quick window to eat a quick bite of lunch. I need to check with my client to help him out with his tech problems. Lead Pages, I love/hate you.

12:45pm: I was able to hop on a call to sort out the glitch issues. Client is all set.

1:15pm: I have another hour and a half of meetings coming up soon. This time, I’m meeting with potential clients. I don’t complain ONE OUNCE about the meetings that I have, I could talk to people all day. Today it seems as though I am! 🙂

4:00pm: Kids are home from school and I have 1 meeting left.

4:25pm: So, my meeting has ended. Time to work on a few things for my client. I have to edit her blog post, follow up on content creation and I have about 2 hours of work left. All I need to do is wrap this up and I can transition from Trivinia the VA to Mom. Now, I’m a good Mom. I take care of my kids and do a lot for them. They are my heart. I say all of that gushy stuff so that you won’t judge me for what I’m about to tell you…. After my meeting ended at 4:25, I needed a little more time to concentrate, so it was time to get a little creative. I turned on talk radio so that my kids still heard voices coming from my office. Some may judge me, but I felt like it was a brilliant move! PLUS…. It worked! Remember – don’t judge me. It’s not nice.

6:30pm: It’s time to wrap it up for now. I have a little to catch up on, but for now, my kids need to eat. We’re a normal family. Both parents work. It’s what we do and we make it work. Some days are harder than others, but I love every minute of it!

9:00pm: Kids are in bed. Remember the speaking engagement? It’s time to perfect the slides and I’ve got to seriously practice, this ain’t no sissy crowd, this is a big deal. I’m nervous, I won’t lie. I’m working through content and slides that my team helped me with while I swam in meetings today.

11:15pm: Time for bed.  The work is never done, but that’s with any career. There is always something to be done, but I have to take care of myself and get some rest. My new “rule” of bedtime at 10:00pm got totally blown on this day… but I’ll start again tomorrow and do the best I can. ‘Night!

I didn’t document my day just to say “Woe is me” or “Look at me and what I can do”.

I wrote all of this to remind you (and myself) that our work isn’t just “busy work”. The meetings, the tasks for your clients, everything you do matters. It makes a difference.

If you’re a client, know that Priority VA takes your business seriously. We look out for your best interest. We truly appreciate each of our clients. It’s an honor to play a small role in making your dreams a reality!

Tell us…. How do you manage your day?

Worth A Thousand Words

You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The little phrase has never felt so true until just last week.

Recently, I’ve been working on rebranding my business. I love my logo, my pictures and everything that has lead me to where I am today. However, as we grow, we have to refine what we have.

Through all of the website changes, mood boards and copy that comes along with rebranding, there is one little culprit that has haunted me… HEADSHOTS!

I’m all about taking pictures of my kids and other people… maybe the occasional selfie with someone famous, but heaven help me when I need to have my picture taken. Not only do I have to face that I’m not behind the camera, now I’m going to plaster it on my website, in articles and any podcast that interviews me? Oh man…It’s a big freaking deal!

Last week, I made a trip out of state to meet with a brand photographer. I have a few take-aways from my experience that I hope will help you out when it’s your turn to smile for the camera!

Full disclosure, this was my second attempt at getting great photos. Much more money than I ever wanted to spend and lots of time and frustration later, I have finally arrived at images I’m proud to plaster all over the interwebs.

Worth A Thousand Words
#1 Hire professionals. Real ones.

My first photo shoot was a disaster. I was trying to listen to “professionals” that told me what to wear, where I needed to be for the shoot to ensure a “global feel” for my business, and as a result I made poor choices out of alignment with who I am. I’m heavier than I’d like to be right now, and I was very timid about having photos taken. I relied on “pros” to ensure I’d end up with shots I was proud of, and well, the first go-round, that didn’t happen. The second time, I worked with true professionals in their craft, Annie Marie Photography and Branding Expert Kelly Lucente, of ReTool Marketing and came away with some sweet shots. A similar experience happened with our web design.  (I’ll save the website debacle for another day, but let me tell you – it’s been painful – and expensive to learn that working with people who claim to be professional and have integrity, often don’t. Trust your gut. Always)

#2: Be You

There is only one you. Tell the world! I have a tattoo that is special to me. I don’t want to cover it up, I want it featured in some photos. It’s the baseline for all that I believe, so why not show it off?! What sets you apart? Funky hair, cool glasses, a piece of jewelry that’s special to you? Find out what it is and use it.

#3: Be comfortable

I should preface this by saying that in a few of my shots, I wore some AMAZING shoes. Normally, I’m not a high heel girl, but gosh, they’re pretty! While I did wear these gorgeous shoes for a short, short time, I also dressed comfortably. Branding isn’t about selling something that you aren’t. I’m a jeans and comfy shirt kind of gal. So, what did I wear? Jeans and some super cute sweaters. While it’s important to look nice, be comfortable. It makes the long photo session much easier! I was talked into believing I had to wear bright colors, and be flashy. I’m not flashy. I’m down to earth and really the kind of gal that wants to sit across a table and have coffee with you while we talk business and sales funnels!

#4: Change is good

This whole time, I’ve been nervous to share this new look with the world. I love to scuba dive. Give me the ocean and I’ll stay there for days. Give me a new logo and I’m petrified to share it! Just the other night, I was sent a sample of my site. Can I tell you something? It’s beautiful! Every hesitation that I had over colors, logos and everything in between was washed away. (See how I’m building anticipation for my new site… clever, eh!)

#5: Get a support system

It’s important to have people in your corner that will give you good and thoughtful advice. I don’t want a bunch of “yes” people. I want people on my team that will tell me what needs to change. I was told that the logo I wanted was “too safe”. I was hesitant, but trusted my team and went for it. Looking back, I’m so glad I listened to someone else. I had to put down the fears I had about going in a disruptive direction to my market, and after I saw it all coming together, wholy moly, it’s lovely.
What your website, logos and headshots say about you can be incredibly valuable. It truly does say a thousand words before a visitor has read a word.

Above all else, be sure that your brand reflects you. Not the version of you that you think the world wants to see, but the authentic you. If you’ve got horror stories to share, let me know! (I felt quite alone during this mess) and, be bold and share the successes too. Small wins help those of us who are in the thick right now know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

How To Successfully Onboard Your VA

Congratulations! You’ve signed the contract and are starting with your new Virtual Assistant. You’ve walked through the interview process and all of the behind the scenes work leading up to this glorious day, when a magical person steps in and makes your life easier. But… wait… What comes next?!?!

I remember leaving the hospital with my first born. I had laid out in my mind exactly how things would play out. We would get on a feeding schedule, nap time would be a breeze and I would be a champion. Other mothers would ask for my secret! Well, as with any new relationship, things didn’t go exactly as I had planned. I started second guessing myself. Why in the world did the hospital let me leave with her? I had NO clue what I was doing!

As silly as it may seem, bringing on a new VA is kind of like adding to your family. You have to get to know each other and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses (we all have them!).

How To Successfully Onboard Your VA

1) Get on the same page

Get to know your VA! What do they like? What to the dislike? Find out when they work best.

Do they have a family? Show your VA that you’re interested in them, not only as their client, but as someone that takes an interest in their life. When they feel like they have a relationship with you, they’ll begin to really hear your voice and that will overflow into so many areas of your business.

2) Set expectations

You must be clear with your VA. Remember, your business is your baby. You’ve known it from the beginning. Your VA needs to hear your goals, dreams and expectations. Where do you want to be in 60 days? 90 days? Make sure that your team is hearing exactly what your expectations are. Don’t ever assume that your passion and idea dumping translates into tasks.  It’s important that you meet with your VA weekly to remain on the same track. Keep track of your tasks. My team and I use Teamwork to keep up with all of our tasks. Whatever you use, make sure that everyone knows what’s going on. It’s crucial!

3) Give it time

Don’t run at the first challenge. I recommend sticking with your VA for 90 days before you decide they aren’t a good fit. I pride myself in matching Clients and VAs together. I have a good eye for who will work well together, not only with skill set, but personalities, too. This isn’t to say that things are alway perfect, but if you give it time, it could be the turning point for you and your business.

4) Hand over the keys

As someone that has started a business from nothing, I can tell you that it is extremely hard to let someone else take over. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. when it comes to getting stuff done, you VA can run circles around you. Do you know why? Because they have the skills and they have the time. So often, we’re over here trying to spin all of these plates, hoping that one doesn’t fall. When you let your VA to take over for you and begin to implement processes and procedures that are long overdue, you’ll feel the pressure lift. Trust your VA! Nothing will excite them more than letting them take the wheel and begin to take your business to new heights.
Just like bringing home a new baby, you have to get to know each other.

Soon you’ll look back and you won’t be able to imagine life without them!

I Take It Personally

“It isn’t personal. It’s business.”

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You’re heard that saying, right? I have a beef with that little saying.

That’s right! The cat is out of the bag (another saying that I think is a little strange, but I digress)…. I have feelings. Real, genuine, feelings. I don’t blame it on being a woman or hormones or cutting back on my caffeine intake. It’s just how I’m wired.

I’m in a business of serving people. I take that very personally. Every time that I’m on a coaching call, interviewing a VA or making a match for a Client, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel personally responsible for the outcome.

They say that it’s best to compartmentalize your roles, to leave work at the door. Is that really possible? If we truly love what we do, it becomes a part of us. While it might not be possible for you to completely remove your feelings from your work. It is possible to keep them in check.

Trust me, I’m still working on lots of these things myself, but the more and more I put into practice these tips, the more sane my days become, and the less wounded by everyday things, I am.

1. You might take it personally, but they don’t

It isn’t that the people that you talk to day in and day out don’t have feelings. They do. It’s just that some are better at compartmentalizing. Remind yourself of that fact and know that they aren’t out to “Get you” or “Prove you wrong”. It doesn’t make them a bad person. Most people are inherently good. They are truly doing what they feel is best for their business.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Everyone needs a cheerleader. Sometimes an entire squad! Maybe you’ve lost a deal, made a mistake or took a difficult phone call. We all have challenging days. No one is immune to them. I’ve found that the best remedy for a bad day is having coffee with a friend or hopping on a call with a team member helps tremendously. Try it. By nature, I’m NOT a cheerleader. I don’t think people deserve a parade for doing what they get paid to do, however, I’ve found that a few words of affirmation can go a long, long way. I have a few people that come run the last ¼ mile of my race with me. They are the ones that tell me it’s all going to be okay, and somehow, I know it will.

3. You are enough

Say it with me… I AM ENOUGH. When life throws us curve balls or lemons or whatever the heck comes our way, remember this above all else. You are enough. We are constantly on the look out for the approval of others. Don’t get me wrong. It’s important to do our best. To provide excellence in all that we do. When I meet someone that truly believes that they are enough and that they have what it takes, it shines through! Be confident, friend! You are enough!

We may not be able to completely remove our emotions from our everyday, but we can remember to keep them in check the next time we feel like completely flipping out! It’s much better for your blood pressure!