A Review: Blogger’s Quick Guide To Working With A Team

Almost everybody has a blog these days. It’s not only a great outlet for people to share the latest details in their lives, but it’s a slick, efficient way for businesses and companies to share valuable information in one, central spot.

I can attest to the fact it takes a lot of forethought, planning, time and energy to publish a blog post. While I stay up on publishing blog posts, I’m also running a business, maintaining client relationships, and most importantly, raising a family.

While it may seem a simple task, to get a blog post written, the truth is a lot tougher to swallow. It’s more than just writing a post. There’s a whole host of other factors.

Rebecca Livermore gets it. In fact, she just wrote a book I know will help you get your blogging in order so your business – and your life in general – can function again.

I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the book so I could read it in exchange for a review, and I’m happy to share my findings here with all of you.

First, let me introduce Rebecca. She’s the brains behind the brilliance that is Professional Content Creation.

She’s in the business of helping businesses, and I love that. With her knowledge and experience, she helps entrepreneurs understand how to use content to market their business.

She and I have actually worked alongside one another a time or two in assisting mutual clients, and I can tell you she knows her stuff.

I’m so excited for you to have this resource she put together, and so proud of her for making it available to all of you!

Her book, Blogger’s Quick Guide To Working With A Team, is chock full of tips and tricks to get bloggers from all stages of experience in the game of blogging their best.

She realizes and illustrates it takes a village to keep a blog going at full potential. Life happens, and – especially if you’re also running a business – a lot can get in the way between you and your keyboard.

I love how Rebecca outlines the practical points of building a team (and why even “just bloggers” should consider having one!), how to work with your team, and how to make sure everyone’s figurative well is being filled in the process.

From start to finish, her quick guide (because she realizes we’re all busy, so she kept it quick!) is exactly that – a guide through the sometimes delicate, but powerful processes in getting the most out of a team.

And for the benefit of a blog! I’ve said myself you can’t do it all, and it’s wise to always be looking for ways to put other people’s talents and skills to work for you. If they enjoy what they’re doing, and you have the ability to spend more time doing what you love for driving success, it’s always a win-win.

Rebecca outlines each point and shares practical insight for every concept. Even if you’re not sure you need or are ready to hire a team, you’ll want to read this. There’s a section just for you, in fact!

Rebecca’s book is easy to understand, easy to incorporate (following her steps and suggestions) and easy to read.

She draws on her own experience as a writer, but that’s part of what makes this such a great resource. Even though she’s well-versed in the world of writing, her guide covers all the bases. Whether you’re a writer or not, her tips and insight have takeaways for all of us.

There’s truly something for everyone in this book, and if you’re thinking about blogging, trying to keep up with blogging, or trying to work life around your blogging schedule, you’re going to want to get your hands a copy of Rebecca’s guide.

I’m not going to take any more of your time because I know you’re hovering your mouse over the link to her book and waiting to see if I have anything else to share.

Go get the book, get to know Rebecca and see why she’s such a valuable resource in the marketing world, and definitely make this a book you add to your blogging-how-to repertoire.