How Taking My Kids To Work Grew My Entrepreneurial Footprint

Last Thursday was “Take Your Child to Work Day” across the U.S. My daughters, Jaidyn and Brianna, got to come to work with me – right down the hall from their bedrooms.

While I thought I was giving them a grandiose glimpse into the world of our business, I ended up learning far more from them.

Today I’m going to share just a few of the takeaways I learned from my mini-entrepreneurs. Not only did they have a great time working with and for me, but they gave me a fresh perspective on our business.

I’ve always known I have great kids, but now I know I’m also raising brilliant business minds.

Born Entrepreneurs

I learned our children are natural-born entrepreneurs. They are FULL of ideas (some silly, some brilliant) on how to build and grow a business. It’s our job to help them sort out the possible from the not possible – and then turn the not possible into something that CAN work given a little help.

It’s really no different from any business ideas you or I come up with. Some of them work straight out of the box, and others need some tweaking. The key is getting those ideas on the table and working with the ones that make the most sense. Even for young children, my daughters came up with a lot of business ideas that made perfect sense.

Intuitive Sponges

Our kids pick up on more than we realize. They’re always watching, always learning, always absorbing the events and activities going on around them.

Not only did my daughters dress is “mommy work casual” for coming to work with me, but they shared some golden nuggets they had tucked away in their hearts. I asked them to write cards thanking a few current clients and they said, “my mom says gratitude is important…”

This melted my heart and reminded me anything I say, negative or positive, has an affect on their developing outlook on life.

Kids Are Capable

Kids are far more capable than we give them credit for. During the work day, I had them:

  • write thank you’s
  • research blog post ideas
  • research my competition
  • create social media posts
  • create a promo video for our company
  • file mail
  • handle all my linked in messages
  • and more!

Not only did they finish tasks I gave them, but they did so with enthusiasm and took great care to do things as I had shown them. They picked up on new things quickly, and excitedly waited for me to give them more to do. I was blown away, not only by their eagerness to help me, but that they also seemed to really enjoy what they were doing, which means they enjoy and appreciate what I do.

Just Keep Swimming

I think Dory in Finding Nemo was on to something with her little mantra to “just keep swimming”. I found having a to-do list not only kept everyone occupied, but focused.

It was pretty marvelous, watching them move from one task to the next. I had them create their own SCRUM board and they LOVED doing it. Brianna said “that’ll be really good for me, because sometimes I don’t complete things all the way, so that will really help me.”

….Hmm… I’m thinking of re-doing our chore chart to this method!

Gimme a Break!

One especially valuable lesson I learned while working with my kids was to take frequent breaks.

My girls got a tad restless during the work day, and really I usually do too, but I normally push through and just keep on working. They didn’t. They intuitively knew that a quick snack, or walk around the house (or a trip to the mail box) would re-set their process and they could get back to work (more focused and determined prior to their break, I might add). I need to do this more often, too. Breaks aren’t a waste of time, they’re a necessity and help you make more productive use of time.

I was glad for the day to work with my girls, show them what I do, and have their help and input. It was a great day spending time with them, and one I’ll cherish for a long time to come. They not only helped me get a lot of work done, but they helped me see the business world through a new set of eyes.

I’ll leave you with this:

J & B Video


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