My Honest Review Of The 90 Day Year

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would share The 90 Day Year stage with such influential leaders as Nicholas Kusmich, Chris Winfield and Todd Herman and others.

I’ve worked my tail off to get to where I’m at today and I would be amiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is due, to the one and only Todd Herman.

We all have those voices in our heads that cause us to doubt.
Am I on the right path? Am I good enough? Can I really do this? Should I just go back to a 9-5 job?

When that doubt creeps in, I push it aside and remember the immense amount of knowledge that I’ve learned from this man and how far I’ve come in the past two years.

If you haven’t heard of Todd Herman and The 90 Day Year, then let me introduce you. If you’ve heard of Todd and The 90 Day Year method, but have been too scared to drink the kool-aid, then grab a cup and get ready. Because today, I’m going to share my review of The 90 Day Year.

I met Todd 2 years ago through a client that I was working with at the time. He was working with my client, as well, and I was the liaison between the two, scheduling appointments, communicating with both of them to get whatever the other one needed. I was the VA and that was my job. Not only was it my job, but I was also building my VA business on the side.

What I love about Todd is that he is incredibly relational. You aren’t just a number to him, you are a real, living, breathing human being deserving of respect and eye contact that is increasingly lacking in today’s society.

As I began to get to know Todd, he inquired about my business and I was able to share my passion for serving entrepreneurs. We talked about my business and how I could find true value in his training. It wasn’t a sales pitch, but rather a “how can I help you” conversation.

Let me tell you, I did my research! I wasn’t in a position at that time in my business to throw money around to anyone that “promised to help me”. I didn’t have a disposable income. I had an income that my family depended on. If I was going to invest in something, I sure as heck better get a return on my money or else it was Sayonara, baby!

So, how did The 90 Day Year help my turn this side hustle into my sole income? A few months ago, Todd told me “You’ll never be a CEO as long as you are an employee of someone else”.

He knew not to beat me down about my choice to continue client work as I grew a 7 figure business.  He got that I’m a whiny brat that cries sometimes, and knows when to push me, and when to be gentle.

Todd has built a relationship that has given him the permission to speak into the hard things of my life.

He has equipped me with the knowledge I need to build a roadmap for my business and has brilliantly cultivated a community of entrepreneurs like nothing I’ve known before and here’s how.


As I mentioned before, Todd is a relationship person. He truly cares about the success of my business. What I love about Todd’s relationship style is that he knows that I don’t need another friend. I have plenty of cheerleaders on the sidelines, but what I need is a coach that’s going to get inside my head and push me. He also knows when to stop pushing and give me clear, guided steps.

For two years, Todd has been my coach. And if I could dump a bucket of Gatorade on his head, I totally would. He’s someone you want in your corner when you’re making moves that make you want to pee your pants.

He’ll tell you you’re being an idiot if you are.

He’ll tell you you’re on the right track when you finally decide to jump.

He’s earned that right because he has built a relationship with me that goes beyond coach and student, but into a trusted business relationship that looks out for me and my business.

It’s reassuring to know that I have a business coach that is not only aware of what I need but also knows when to push a little harder and when to be a little more gentle in his words. But, mostly, I need him to push me! Something about not liking change and being strong willed… or so I’ve been told! 😉

Clear, Concise Training

Each training that Todd shares in The 90 Day Year have clear, actionable steps. He’s a coach, what would you expect?! I love that I can download the transcripts, watch the training videos, go back to highlight the transcripts, take notes and re-read them to let the words soak in. And before you ask, yes, I said highlight, because though I’m virtual, sometimes I’m old school in the way I learn.
With the ability to watch the modules multiple times, I’m able to watch them again and again until The 90 Day Year is ingrained in my brain. The training isn’t complicated, but if I’m going to take this seriously, I have to fully immerse myself in it. I’ve done this so much, that The 90 Day Year training has become second nature to me. Each thoughtful video has given me the stepping stones I’ve needed to build my business.


The people I’ve met, the opportunities I’ve been given have been invaluable to not only my business but to me personally. You’ve heard the quote that says “You become like the 5 people you surround yourself with”.

He even writes it on the wall, so we all remember!

In The 90 Day Year, I know that I’m surrounding myself with entrepreneurs like myself that are wanting to step up their game. Todd is always reminding us that there are no special snowflakes, a reality I’m not easily accepting! He says this to remind us that no one is better than the other. You’ve gotta dive in and do the work!

We are all in this together and while we may be at different levels of business, we are all growth-minded and in The 90 Day Year not just for the comradery, but to truly grow our businesses.

I’ve watch businesses blossom in The 90 Day Year that has come from such heart. I’m proud to say that the people I’ve come to know through this 2-year journey aren’t just peers, but my friends. I’m thrilled for them when they have a big win and they are equally as excited when I experience wins of my own. Had I not jumped in with both feet, I would have missed out on an opportunity to get to know some of the best people on the planet.


The accountability that comes with The 90 Day Year is two-fold.

First, there is Todd. The man is a genius and remembers everything, so when I say I’m going to do something, he holds me to it! He always follows up in an email or on a coaching call to ask how things are going. Again, there to give me the strong push or gentle nudge that is required at the time… translated: whether or not I’ll cry!

Todd isn’t the only genius in the room of 90 Day Year. In The 90 Day Year, we are surrounded by accountability partners. Other entrepreneurs who are there to ask how things are going. Asking how my last sprint was. Constantly keeping me accountable to the goals I set.

Todd likes to remind us that people set goals, but don’t have a roadmap to get there. Instead of asking me why I can’t get there, he grabs a pen and paper and sketches out a roadmap. Then he keeps me accountable to that roadmap, to that goal.

I’ve put in the work. I’ve indoctrinated my team, but I 100% would not be at this stage in my business, working for myself, had it not been for the guidance of Todd and The 90 Day Year.

Most reviews have a rating system like a 1-10 scale or a five-star rating, Todd Herman and The 90 Day Year will always and forever get all of the stars and measure off the charts for me. I owe so much to this man and what he had done for my business.

Are you curious about The 90 Day Year? Todd is releasing a free Guide to get you started with the 90 Day Year. You’ll also get access to a series of videos and incredible content straight to your inbox FOR FREE (did I mention that?!)! I’d love for you to learn more.

I truly believe that every business can benefit from Todd’s coaching.

Are you ready for the next 90 days?


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