Cultivating Gratitude

Are you annoyed with the gratitude posts that go around every November? I have tried to do them for years now, and by about day 9 I’m grasping at straws to find something I’m thankful for.

I actually had my assistant draft a blog post for me with 30 things I’m grateful for. She knows me better than I know myself most days, which is what happens when you have an awesome, engaged partner in your business.

Even still, I read through each of the items and while it was all true, (I AM thankful for my four kids and the psycho puppy that bites me, I swear!), it didn’t feel like me.

So, in lieu of 30 gratitude snippets to fill space on the blog and social media, I wanted to from the heart share one circumstance that I’m most grateful for this year.

My strengths finder says I’m not adaptable. In fact, it’s LAST on my list of strengths. How I’m surviving as an entrepreneur, still amazes me. With all the roller coaster emotions, metrics and pressure to perform, it’s surprised ANY businesses succeed in this culture of comparison.

Circumstances this year personally and professionally changed a lot.

What I’m realizing after spending a few days in a Mastermind in the same room with my mentors, is that I’m thankful for the opportunity to be adaptable this year. To learn, grow and be challenged in new ways.

I shifted my focus from client work and growth of the business to refining and scaling the business only.

I moved from the safety of Colorado to the unknown adventure of Georgia.

I joined a high-level mastermind and started focusing on my health.

I quit working 13 or more hours a day and relied on my team more than I had in the past.

So, while this year hasn’t been completely rosy, (one client faked financial issues and basically let go of 13 AMAZING people on my team right at the start of summer, killing 33% of our revenue)…it has been pretty darn good.

I’m learning to cultivate gratitude instead of always defaulting to the negative. It’s no small feat when you’ve lived 40 years with a half empty outlook, but this is what it looks like for me to cultivate gratitude in my life for the highs, and lows…

It’s been a darn good year because I’m learning who I need to become to deal with the problems instead of shriveling from them.

My goal for the next year is to practice cultivating gratitude every single day.

Here are a few practices I plan to try:

The 5 Minute Journal [AFFILIATE LINK TO the JOURNAL on Amazon) – I met UJ Ramadas this year at Mastermind Talks and this guy is legit. He’s insightful and witty. More importantly, his practice of gratitude is unreal. I want to be like UJ. Grab The 5 Minute Journal here.

Weekly Thank You’s 

My friend, client, and mentor, Todd Herman had a daily practice of writing a note to someone every single day. He even uses an elegant wax seal. Check it out, here.

Brag on our Team 

I do know I do a great job of highlighting when our team does great things, and I’m going to step up my game on this. So, look out. I’ll be asking frequently for wins along the way, so we can show off our client’s successes along the way.

Commit to Growth

Face it, part of being grateful is being able to make up for our mistakes. I’m committing to always taking actionable steps to right a wrong and learn from it. Having feedback loops available allows for everyone to see how they are doing, and how they can stretch themselves toward excellence.

And finally…

Schedule a Date

With myself. Self Care is really important. If I want to be around to chase after my kids, run a business and give to those around me, I’ve got to be in shape to do it. This is one way I’m looking at. Hello, accountability. It may not be easy, but I will be grateful for the results.

What’s on your list to be grateful for, and how are you currently expressing it? If you have a great idea how we can do better at expressing gratitude here at PVA, or in your own life; will you reply and share it with me? I’d love to cultivate a list to share on social media.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, wherever you are. I’m grateful for you.

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