How To Know When A VA Is The Right Fit For You

I’ve built a business on matching Entrepreneurs and Virtual Assistants. Some have compared it to the E-Harmony of the business world! While, I can’t promise a relationship that will last until death do you part, I have to be honest. It’s kind of my goal!

There is nothing I love more than hearing from Priority VA Clients that they love their VA! They love their work style, their skills and their personality.

how to know when a va is the right fit for you

I believe that in order to have a successful working relationship, your VA shouldn’t just have the skill set needed to get the work accomplished, but they should also have the personality and attitude that works for your personality type.

Throughout our matching process, we take several things into consideration.

  • What are your goals?
  • What would you like your VA to accomplish for you?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What personality style do you resonate with?

This is the beauty of working for myself. I can ask questions that some may deem politically incorrect, but let’s be honest here for a minute. You will not work well with someone that you don’t get along with. And guess what? You don’t have to! (Followed by the gasps of Human Resource Managers everywhere)

So, how do you know when a VA is the right fit for you?

Currently, there are 50+ active Priority VAs on my team. Each of them with their own unique skill sets and personalities. I would be lying if I said that each one would be the perfect fit for you, but chances are one (or more of them) would be an ideal fit for you. When I meet with potential clients, I recommend preparing for our meeting by setting expectations.

First off are the four buckets that are important when onboarding a VA.

Things you don’t know how to do

These are things that you need help figuring out. If you too much time googling the answer and searching for a tutorial on Youtube, put it in this bucket.

Things you hate to do

I hate numbers! Accounting is my nemesis, so it only makes sense for me to outsource this piece of my business.

Things you may enjoy doing but they always get pushed to the back burner

I love to write! However, as much as I love to write, I don’t always have time for it. Fill this bucket with everything you love to do, but don’t have time for because you’re trying to learn something in bucket #1.

Things only you can do

Only you can do a podcast. Your VA can edit and post it, but you are the only one that can interview a guest. We all have a those things that only we can do. Write it down.

In addition to the four buckets, personality plays a large role in how well you work with a VA. What kind of personality do you work with best? This sounds superficial, but when the rubber meets the roads, this is an important part of working together. Write down the character traits you’re looking for. Do you prefer a specific time zone? Do you want someone a little older? A little younger?

I’ve talked with entrepreneurs all over the globe that had reached the point of knowing the needed support, but not positive on how to fill the role of a VA. I’ve built a team of VAs that have unique personalities and skill sets. Each one inhabiting the same character traits I pride myself on.

Are you looking for a VA to lighten the load of your business? Let’s schedule a time for us to chat. Before our call, use this handy PDF to decide what are in your buckets. Take time to write down the personality and characteristics you’re looking for in a VA. This will set you up for success when onboarding your VA.

Click to Download the Ultimate VA Profile

How To Host A Successful Team Retreat

Would you believe that it took two and a half years before I met my VA in person?!

Though we had worked together through multiple projects, countless launches and the ebb and flow of growing a business since March of 2013, the 800 miles of separation didn’t allow for weekly in person meetings over coffee.

I remember sitting in the hotel bar the evening we met (after making ridiculous fools of ourselves in the hotel lobby!!!), chatting about this crazy business of mine and brainstorming brilliant ideas late into the night. While I love working virtually, there is just something about meeting in person.

When I have the opportunity to meet with my team in person, I’m quick to remind myself that at that very moment, I have the best of both worlds.

  1. I have the privilege to work virtually
  2. My team supports me whether it’s across the table to a few states over

I decided this fall that I wanted to begin hosting quarterly team retreats. A few times a year we will come together and brainstorm and plan out my 90 Day Year. In my business, we follow Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year, so it’s important that I cast clear, consistent vision to my team on our goals. Hosting a Team Retreat puts on the right path to achieve our 90 Day Year goals.


If you would like to host a team retreat, allow me to offer a few suggestions.



No one likes to attend a meeting that is thrown together. The purpose of this meeting is to plan your next 90 Days, not “hope to get something accomplished” or hang out and brush each other’s hair. You’re there to make a plan for your business. Be strategic with your plans. Your time together is sacred, so make it count.

I went as far as to pre-order giant post-its, permanent markers and a detailed agenda for our two days together. It’s important to know which topics you’d like to cover while you’re together and where you want your business to go in the next quarter.



The purpose of your retreat is to make clear plans. Begin by casting your vision.

While it may seem redundant to share your vision at each retreat, I believe it’s important to start your retreat with everyone on the same page. Reviewing your vision statement will set the tone for your day and plans to come.

Once you are all on the same brainwave, begin to work through your prepared agenda. Empower your team to share their ideas. Remember, there are no bad ideas! Unless someone suggests making a squirrel your new mascot. That’s a bad idea!
At the end of your retreat, you should know exactly what you want to accomplish and who is responsible for making it happen.


The team that plays together, stays together! It’s important to take time away from your planning to do a little team building. For my team, this does not include trust falls or anything crazy! I trust that my team “has my back”, but when it’s my literal back coming parallel with the ground, I prefer to stay standing, thank you very much!

We were fortunate enough to stay at my family’s new beach house in North Carolina. With a quick 2 minute walk to the beach, we were able to take a few brain breaks throughout the day to get some fresh air and clear our minds. Taking that 15 minute break was what we needed to chat about our personal lives and get to know each other a little better.


Once you’ve headed back to your respective states, it’s time to get to work. For my team, we have a weekly call and constantly reference the minutes from our time together. What a waste it would be if we spent 2 days together only to walk away with a few good memories and not one actionable steps to grow our business.

If you want to see success in your business and growth in your team, give each team member actionable steps for them to take. Giving each team member ownership in their role will give them a sense of purpose.

Regardless of the location and how often, connecting with your team is crucial to your business.

If you could plan a team retreat anywhere in the world, where would it be?

3 Ways To Get To Know Your VA

Do you know the people that work for you?

I don’t mean a formal chat on the phone or even looking at them through the lens of your laptop camera. I mean really, truly getting to know them.

  • Who they are.
  • What they excel at.
  • What makes them tick.

There are two types of people in this world. Those that are relational and those who are not.

I fall into the relational category, all thanks for my dazzling, extroverted personality. Honestly, I don’t understand the non-relational people. It isn’t how my brain operates. Nonetheless, I know that there are a lot of people out there that are more “director” style personalities.

One isn’t better than the other. Both have excellent qualities! Regardless of your personality type, it’s important that you get to know your virtual assistant.

When I started Priority VA, my vision was to create a business that is relationship based. I’ve found, the more I get to know my team members, the better we work together.

How can you do this when you work virtually? It’s easier than you might think.


Get to know each other on your weekly calls

When a new Client and Priority VA kick off, I ask them to schedule a weekly, non-negotiable check-in call. The purpose of the call is to keep you on the same page. Lines of communication stay open and you have conversations each week.

I’ve been told that some clients start their calls with,“Give me one good thing that has happened this week”. This gives your VA and team members an opportunity to share a little piece of their world. Something that is relevant to them.

I know it’s hard to believe, but your VA has other interests and people in their lives other than you. Let them share. You don’t have to be all business, all the time.

Listen to them, share in their excitement, then move along to business as usual. Your VA will feel valued!

Follow them on Social Media

I’m not a private person at all. If I have a thought, I tweet it, Instagram it, Facebook it. To the outside world, it’s a peek into my brain. (Scary, I know!)

Ask to follow your VA on Social Media. You’ll see pictures of their family, friends, outings and what they enjoy. You may find common interests, mutual friends and one more way to get to know each other.

My team and I are friends on social media. I love looking at their vacation pictures, weekend excursions and funny thoughts that pop in their heads. It makes me proud to see how the influence the world around them and to know that I get to spend my weekdays with them, growing by business is a thrill!

Give them a test

There are two tests that I feel is necessary when on boarding a new team member.

The first is the Gallup StrengthsFinder. Do you want your VA to operate in their strengths, then ask them to complete this test. I would rather pay a small fee to know what someone is capable of rather than spend time trying to push a square peg into a round hole.

The second is the 5 Love Languages. By asking your VA to complete this test, you’ll know the best way to show your appreciation. No sense wasting money on gifts if they could care less about them.

Results from this test will give you such great insight into their personality and how they feel loved. If you aren’t good at words of affirmation, but your VA NEEDS to know that they are doing a good job, then it’s time to brush up on your kindness vocabulary.

Remember, you should show appreciation to others in their love language, not your own.

Getting to know your VA on a personal level will not only help you get to know them, but it gives them an opportunity to know you, too. This will trickle into other facets of your business and will truly benefit you, your business and your brand.

Tell me… what is your communication style?

10 Tasks To Delegate Today

Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed. Okay, hands down.

I think we can all agree that life can get a little insane.

The longer I’m in business for myself, the more I realize the line between personal and business is very thin. If I’m not careful, both sides blend together to create chaos.

Not the beautiful chaos in abstract paintings, but the “Holy crap the house is on fire.” kind of chaos. Like it or not, it’s happened!

A few years ago, I reached a point in my business where I realized if I’m going to continue to serve my clients well, I needed to recruit help. That’s right, the VA hired a VA! Since then, I’ve continued to grown my team. The more I delegate, the lighter I feel.

If you’re having a “house is on fire” moment or perhaps, you’re just beginning to smell a little smoke, then I have a solution for you.


  1. CRM Management

  • Keep up to date on your customers.
  1. Social Media Management

  • Build your online presence through amazing graphics and repurposing content.
  1. Copywriting

  • You VA can quickly learn your voice and can write newsletters and blog posts.
  1. Email Management

  • Email can bog us down. Your VA can manage that beast and get you to inbox zero.
  1. Blog post clean up and posting

  • If you love to write, but don’t have time to post to your site, your VA has that handled.
  1. Project Management

  • Your VA will stay on top of your projects and make sure that everything is moving along.
  1. Event Management

  • Speakers, food, travel. It can become a lot for you to manage.
  1. Set up timelines for product launch

  • Ask your VA to determine a timeline for your launch and keep you accountable.
  1. Set up LeadPages

  • Setting up beautiful LeadPages can take time. Why not delegate?
  1. Set up affiliate accounts

  • Affiliate accounts are a great way to create residual income.

When it comes to working with a VA, this list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Feel free to start small. Once you’ve assigned the first few tasks, it becomes easier to delegate more to your VA. And believe me when I say that there is nothing more your VA wants, than to help you build your business.

Still not sure what to delegate. Let’s hop on a call. Let’s start outsourcing together!

5 Myths About Working with A Virtual Assistant

I love October! I love Fall! I love Halloween!

It’s true! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It falls close to my birthday, so it’s a good excuse to throw a big party. In years past, we’ve thrown theme parties and invite everyone to party in their best costume. It’s alway so much fun and for one night, we get to feel like kids again!

With halloween coming around the corner, this blog will have a two-fold purpose.

  • To debunk 5 myths about Virtual Assistants
  • Give you some great costume ideas!


You’re welcome!

Along with dressing up and trick or treating, one of the fun things people like to do every October is explore myths and old legends. While I don’t spend my time trying to determine the fact or fiction of myths and legends, there is one area that I am an expert in. The field of Virtual Assistants.

There are many myths surrounding this line of work, so why not now, while we’re busy researching old tales to debunk some myths about Virtual Assistants.

MYTH #1: Anyone can be a VA.

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t for the weak. I don’t say this because I am one, I say this because it’s true. You have to have the chops to hang in with some of the top entrepreneurs in the business. It’s important to have the skills and drive to make it in this field.

MYTH #2: A Virtual Assistant can do it all.

While a Virtual Assistant can do almost anything, one Virtual Assistant can’t do it all. We’d all love to find that perfect unicorn that knows every program and tool available. However, that just isn’t the case. Many VAs specialize in specific areas… Project Management, Social Media, Sales Funnels, Bookkeeping. It’s rare to find one person that can do it all.

MYTH #3: You can’t communicate as well when you’re virtual.

This may seem like an absolute truth, but I’m here to tell you that is 100% wrong. Most of us have worked in the corporate world, sharing cubicle walls with co-workers. While you aren’t physically in the same room, technology has given us so many options when it comes to communication. Slack, Zoom, Skype, good old fashioned phone calls. There isn’t an excuse big enough to keep you from communicating with your VA. Make it a priority and they may even become your friend, confidant and yes, even your therapist!

MYTH #4: A VA can’t do the same things that a “Normal” assistant can do.

The only thing a VA can’t do is bring you coffee. Though it may look a little different, a Virtual Assistant can manage the same tasks as a traditional assistant. One benefit to hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you aren’t limited strictly to applicants in your area. At Priority VA, we have a team of 50+ VAs, located all of the United States. Each VA is skilled and able to offer high level service to their clients, regardless of their location. Ah, the beauty of living in a tech savvy 2016!

MYTH #5: You need to hire someone full time.

Hiring a new employee for a full 40 hours a week seems overwhelming. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional mindset of 40 hours a week. Do what is best for you! A large majority of clients want (and need!) to start out small with their VA. You can start with as little as 20 hours per month and get high level support from Virtual Assistants. As your business grows, you can adjust the amount of support that you need, but for now start small.

Have you considered hiring a VA, but still have questions? I’m happy to debunk any myths that you’ve heard about working virtually. Simply complete this form and my team will be in touch with the next steps to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

10 Signs You Should Invest In A Virtual Assistant

Last month, my office had a makeover. While my new digs are awesome, there was a picture that sat on my desk that I loved. It said “If you’re looking for a sign, here it is”. Simple and profound. Plus, it was cute and trendy!

We’re always looking for a sign.

  • A sign for what we should do next.
  • A sign for when we should move.
  • A sign for when we should alter our life plan.
  • A sign for when we’re doing something right (or wrong).

If you’re looking for a sign, here it is.


1. You only see your family on your computer background.

I know this sounds a little tongue in cheek, but this can be a real problem. I’ve experienced this first hand. Not intentionally, but it happens. You start on too many projects while fulfilling your regulars tasks and time slips away. It happens to the best of us. Instead of getting upset with yourself, decide on a new course of action.

2. You spend too much time on one problem.

The beauty of a Virtual Assistant is that they are experienced is a wide variety of programs. While we entrepreneurs have ideas running out our ears, we don’t always have the tools or skill set to make the pretty websites or write outstanding copy. When you notice that you’re spending too much time on one problem, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

3. You no longer feel the excitement of your work anymore.

There are days when daunting tasks suck the joy right out of your dreams. If you’ve lost the spark and excitement, chances are it’s because the tasks that seemed easy on paper have turned out to more complicated. It’s okay to admit that you need help. Hiring a VA to take over tasks that are haunting you will breathe life back into your business… AND YOU!

4. You’ve lost inspiration.

Perhaps you are tech savvy. You know the ins and outs of sales funnels and Ads. That’s great, but what if they are your only focus. Delegating these things doesn’t mean you can’t chip in every now and then. It simply means that you are going to free up your time to get inspired again.

5. Your health is taking a toll.

If you eat more than your fair share of antacids before, during and after every meal, it’s time to reevaluate. I’ve experienced stress like this. It isn’t healthy. Stress and anxiety can crush you. Don’t try to “prove yourself” and go through this alone. A failing immune system is not what the doctor ordered. If stress is getting the best of you, you NEED help. You NEED a VA!

6. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

There is no shame in admitting that you can’t handle everything. Starting out, we have grand ideas. The problem is, we sign up for a CRM tool or start designing a website and get in over our heads. It’s okay! That’s what a VA is here for. To lighten your load.

7. You’re doubting yourself.

If I had a nickel for every time I started to doubt myself, I’d have…. well…. I’d have a lot of nickels! How many times have you started a task and try to talk yourself out of it. Hire a VA and they won’t talk you out of it. In fact, they would start telling you of the 50 ways that you’ll sell this product. Trust me! A VA is your best cheerleader.

8. You’re stress paralyzed.

I don’t know if this is an actual diagnosis, but I believe with all of my heart that it is real. When you are stress paralyzed, you find yourself in the fetal position in the corner of your office because everything has become too much. Share your thoughts, your ideas, your goals with someone else. Empower your VA to systemize your business. Your VA will put systems and processes in place that will give you mobility again!

9. You aren’t operating in your strength.

Repeat after me… It is okay if I’m not good at something!

You know, it truly is okay to be bad at something. We all have our strengths. Hiring a VA will allow you to operate in your strength, while your VA operates in their strength. It’s a win, win!

10. Things aren’t turning out like you had planned.

You had dreams. You had plans. I understand. Stop, take a step back and breathe. If things aren’t turning out the way you planned, simply reevaluate. It could be that one cog in the wheel is off. Adjust is and move on.

I truly believe with all my heart that in a VA is worth every cent. It’s simply a matter of flipping the switch in your brain from a business “expense” to a business “investment”. When you invest in the right things for your business, you’ll see exponential growth.

If you can relate to one or all ten of the signs mentioned, I’d love to chat with you. I’ve built a team of outstanding VAs that love to serve entrepreneurs like you and me.

Are You Ready For A VA?

Starting a business is exciting! We’ve heard the saying “If you can believe it, you can achieve it”.

While that saying is true, I’m a firm believer that you won’t achieve ALL of your goals on your own. Sure, you can start building your audience, grow your email list and begin creating your product, but how do you know when you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is so much more than someone that checks your email and schedules a flight here and there. No sir-y! The world of VAs has expanded into so many facets of the business world.


So, how do you know when you’re ready to hire a VA?

Step One: Evaluate your work load.

Where are you spending most of your time?

Write down every minute that you are spending on your business. This will allow you to budget your time . If you’re “overspending” in one or more areas, it’s probably time to enlist help.

The goal of a Virtual Assistant is to lighten your workload. Once you’re free to do what you do best, you’ll see the return on your investment.

Step Two: Evaluate your income.

This one is hard for me, because I don’t like to talk numbers. Math makes my head hurt, which is why hiring an accountant was one of my best decisions!

It’s important that you don’t avoid this piece. It may not be easy, but take some time to evaluate where you’re at financially. This will determine the level of VA that you’re able to hire.

I’ve designed my company to create long lasting working relationships, so if you’re in the market to hire a VA for an indefinitely, then it’s important to know that you have a steady stream of income so that you don’t panic at the first of each month, worrying that the money won’t be there.

In some instances, you can hire a VA for specific projects. Committing to, say a 3 month project, may be a little easier for you to chew. I get it!

Whatever your expense level, be sure that you are willing to commit to the monthly investment.

You VA is totally worth it!

Step Three: Get ready to let go.

It’s more than a Disney song! You have to prepare yourself for this part!

Many clients that I talk to are initially eager to pass the reigns over to someone completely capable. However, in reality, it isn’t that simple! I know, because I’m an entrepreneur just like you! It’s difficult to give someone control over your baby business.

Even though it’s difficult, what I can tell you is that when you relinquish control into the capable hands of someone else, you will flourish! You’ll feel the sweet relief of lost time, now found again. Suddenly, the things you didn’t have time for are now back on your calendar.

Allowing a VA to work within their expertise gives you the ability to feel creative again.

Who knows, you may come up with 3 new product ideas within a day!

So, are you ready to hire a VA?

After you’ve evaluated your business, contact my team! We would love to learn more about your business and how we can serve you!

Let’s All Be Productive

Not so long ago, I was out of state on a business trip. While I was out traveling across the country with my client, my husband was home cooking up a plan!

A plan that was going to make my day!! Curious yet?! Hang on, I’m getting there!

One of my love languages is gifts. Giving gifts, getting gifts… all of it!

My husband knows this, so while I had vacated the premises, he decided to redecorate my office. I’m not talking about a new picture or a nice scented candle. No way! He went all out. He painted, he reorganized and my favorite of all… he bought me a new desk!

Not just any old desk, he bought me a stand up desk!

use this one (1)

I’ve been eyeing the stand up desk for a while now because, let’s face it, my job is sedentary and I need to increase my circulation a whole lot more than I do.

What I discovered after a week with this desk is that not only am I standing more (obviously!), but I’m so much more productive. I’m checking off tasks, answering emails, ending world hunger….well, maybe not that last one, but you get my point! I feel like a ninja!

I began to think of all of the other ways I can increase my productivity.

You may not have access to a stand up desk, but I thought I’d share a few other productivity ideas with you.


Take a brain break

Let’s start with something simple. So simple if fact, we’re taking is back to the kindergarten years. Research has shown that children are more productive in school when they take what is called “brain breaks”. The good new is, this isn’t just for children!

Taking a brain break is simply taking a step back and relaxing your brain. If you go full speed for 6 hours straight, you are going to fizzle out. You won’t be nearly as productive as someone that peppers in 10 minute breaks throughout their day. It could be something as small as walking to the mailbox or refilling your coffee cup. Taking brain breaks is sure to increase your productivity.

Eat something

I don’t understand those people that say “Oh, I forgot to eat lunch”. I may forget a few things here and there, but I never forget to eat lunch!

I have recently started a new fitness program. Along with exercise, I’m also focusing on my food intake. I’m sure you’ve heard coaches say that you have to think of food as fuel. It’s so true!

When I neglect to put gas in my car and I’ve been staring at that little orange light like it’s a new accessory, you’ll find me sitting along I-70, wishing that I would have taken the extra five minutes to put fuel in my car.

This rule applies to eating. If you don’t eat, you’ll run out of steam (hopefully, not on the side of the road!) and will slow down productivity. Plus, you’ll be nicer when you aren’t #hangry!

Track your time

This one if fascinating! If you’ve never tracked your time before, I’m going to challenge you to track your time this week.

You may think that you’re the most productive person in the world, but have you stopped to look at where you’re spending your time? Grab a journal and write down everything you do for one week. You’ll be surprised how many times you end up mindlessly browsing Facebook when all you meant to was check your page insights.

Track your time for one week and let me know how many extra hours you managed to find.

Each of these ideas individually will bring you increase your productivity.

The whole gamut and “Look Out World!”.

What are your favorite productivity tools?

Somebody Testify

Last week I was on a call with a potential team member. She asked how we get new clients. It was such a great question and as I was answering her, I began to think about our clients.

We have a variety of ways that we reach new clients. There are the Facebook Ads and Opt-ins that we run, just like any other online business. However, I have to say that our number one form of recruiting new clients is by testimonials.

Nothing excites me more than when I log into my inbox and see an email from a stranger saying, “My friend hired a VA through your company and she SWEARS that I can’t live without one! Where do I sign up?!”.

This is my absolute favorite form of advertisement. Not because it’s cost effective.. Eh-hem… free, but because my clients are truly seeing the value that a Virtual Assistant brings them.

How do you maintain this word of mouth system? Here are a few ideas to help you along the way.

Listen to the Wave

Collect Testimonials.

I’ve learned through the years that we are all in this together. I’ve been working on a website update and one of the features I’d like to have is a testimonial page. Not for the “toot my own horn” benefit (although it’s nice to see!), but it allows newcomers to see the value in my team.

The hardest part is the ask. This is where some people jump ship and think to themselves “My client is too busy. I don’t even know if they’ll have time.”. Honestly, it isn’t an inconvenience for most. All it takes from you is a simple email asking your clients to write a quick testimonial. You’ll be amazed when your inbox is flooded with words about your business.

Take time to Network.

When you run a business online, it’s easy to tuck yourself away in your bat cave and only come out when the groceries are running low. I say “NO WAY”!

Decide to blow that popsicle stand of yours and see some faces.

Take baby steps. Start out with an online mastermind group or an entrepreneur support group that you found online. Whatever it is, put your face out there. You have a lot to offer to the world, but no one will know it if you keep it locked away.

Build Relationships.

This is my absolute favorite part of business! The relationship piece.

I’ve been in business for quite some time now and I can’t begin to tell you how many wonderful people I’ve met along the way. I’ve believed in some of them so much that I’ve purchased their products or joined one of their courses, just so I could learn from them.

There are times when a client that offers a program that is the complete opposite of my interests. However, I’m still interested in THEM.

Each client is a person and they are an expert in their field. Whether that field is something I’ve heard of or not. I want to know how it’s going with them, so I check in. I find out from their VA how the launch went. I’ve had instances where a client won an award or was featured on a National Television Show. This is my time to send a congratulatory note. Why? Because I truly care.

When you show your clients that you have a vested interest in them as a human being, not just another client on the list, it will speak volumes!


Commitment Issues

When I started my business a few years ago, I knew that I was in it for the long haul.

My goal for Priority VA is to create a team that doesn’t run at the first sign of difficulty.

Needless to say, I’m an advocate of say what you mean and mean what you say.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me that not everyone shares this value.

I understand there are times when you have a difficult situation but if I’ve learned one thing over times, it’s that through difficult situations, I come out the other side refined and experienced.

In my journey, I’ve met countless people that said they just weren’t successful either working with or serving as a Virtual Assistant. This always peaks my interest! Not only do I like to learn from my own experiences, but I also enjoy hearing about the experiences of others. There is a common theme with my conversations…. commitment issues.


Commit to commit.

Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant with a new client or an entrepreneur ready to bring on a VA, make the decision to commit. When I’m placing clients, I let everyone know that they should be patient in the first 90 days. You’re figuring out each other’s work style, personalities and where each of you shine. Don’t run when a challenge arises. Stick it out. Work together as a team. It might just be the catalyst you need to see things differently and grow your business. You’ll look back in a year and be grateful that you stayed with your VA!

Commit to communicate.

I know that I talk about communication a lot, but I can’t begin to tell you the importance of good, open lines of communication.

When you don’t communicate, you don’t stay on the same page. Sure you’re working, but are you both working toward the same goal? Scheduling a weekly call and sticking to it will keep you on the same page and moving in the same direction. Working from separate pages can lead to frustration. Frustration that you’ve done hours of work, only to learn that it isn’t needed. Or frustration that you have to push back a launch date because you didn’t relay the ideas in your head to your team.

If you’re a VA, always end your weekly call with “What can I do for you?”. This will give your client the opportunity to give you any final thoughts as you work on your weekly goals.

If you’re a Client, don’t hesitate to share your ideas. Our job as VAs is to find a way for your ideas to come to life! Nothing is too big, too small or too crazy. We’ll give you feedback and find a way to make it happen.

Commit to delegate.

This one is hard!

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the discipline it take to hand over tasks. As difficult as it may be, I also began to love the extra freedom. Freedom to get a little more creative with my business. Freedom to take lunch to my kids at school. Freedom to shut everything down for a few days and know that everything is taken care of by my team.

Fellow business owner, do yourself a favor and delegate to your VA. I’m in the trenches of Virtual Assistant support along with running my own business. As a VA, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that your client trusts you with their business. We are ready, willing and able!

Commit to commit. Commit to communication. Commit to delegation.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish together when you’re working together on the same page!