How To Host A Successful Live Mastermind

Last month, my team and I traveled to San Diego to attend the 90 Day Year Live event. I love to travel and attend conferences, but it’s even more fun when I can bring my team with me. I’d call it an entourage, but I’m not a diva! 😉

Back in December of 2016, I was an affiliate for Todd Herman’s program, The 90 Day Year. I’ve followed Todd’s teaching for quite a while now and I am constantly sharing with other entrepreneurs about his program. As an affiliate, I not only get to spread the word about Todd, but I also get to add my own flair by sharing extra bonuses with anyone that purchase 90 Day Year through my affiliate link.

One of the bonuses my team and I wanted to do was offer a 1-day Mastermind to anyone that purchased through my affiliate link. I’ve attended many a mastermind events over the years, but never have I ever (sounds like a game, now!) hosted a mastermind on my own.

With the help of my team, I think we pulled off an excellent event. We had a lovely small group of people that were able to attend the live event in San Diego and I was able to spend several hours pouring into other entrepreneurs.

Running a mastermind like this doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need a few basics.

First, you need a location. 

We chose True Food in San Diego. They offered us a beautiful private room with excellent food, service, and privacy we needed. If you host a mastermind, this may seem like a low priority, but when you have the ability to move around the room, talk in a normal voice, no whispering or shouting required, and can feed people well, you’ll have a much better experience.


Second, give them a gift.

We opted for Moleskine notebooks with our PVA logo.

I’m IN LOVE with them and can we just take a minute to talk about personalized tissue paper?

It’s worth the investment because it’s beautiful and stays on brand, which is something I’m an advocate for!



Third, give people the opportunity to talk.

I stewed over what kind of deep, intellectual nuggets of wisdom I could impart on the attendees and then I realized… they don’t need to walk away with another tweetable quote, they just need to talk about their business. We gave each attendee a time in the hot seat. Each person had thirty minutes to talk about their pain points. What were they expecting from the live event the following day and how to execute the goals they made.

Each attendee was able to speak into the businesses of others, sharing an outsider’s perspective and walk away with more than a goal, but a strategy of execution.

Listen to what Daniel Fava had to say.

“The mastermind event was the perfect way to start my first 90 Day Year Live experience. I can honestly say that Trivinia and her team know my business and care about my success. Our time together was not just a one-off, feel-good and go meeting. I left the mastermind feeling more confident, courageous and supported in my business than ever before. For me, there were a couple of aha moments, where the group helped me to realize some of the ways in which I tend to hide within my business. I feel challenged to push past those limiting beliefs and serve my audience in a new, sincere and focused way. Seeing the way that Trivinia and her team care for the people they serve is truly inspiring and I’m forever grateful for the time and encouragement that they have shown me, not just at the mastermind event, but in all the months leading up to it.”

My friend and fellow 90 Day Year Alum, Sonja, said this,

“I attended the live mastermind with Trivinia at True Food before the 90 day year live event.

Heading into the event I was feeling pretty good about my business but stuck in a few key areas, mostly a funnel that wasn’t working so great and overwhelm with my business and my personal life. I was looking forward to Trivinia’s insights.

The event was amazing. It was a stress free, fun atmosphere that actually felt extremely indulgent, almost pampered in a way. Trivinia always makes sure her clients are well attended to and I was instantly comfortable at the event. The food was amazing.

I ended up learning so much from the other people there, both about what I was doing right and what I needed to work on. The talk that Trivinia gave reminded me of some areas within my business that needed some work, but she also helped me think “simple, not complex.” I was extremely lucky that my VA was there with me, so we could “make eyes” at each other and nod when a good tip was shared. The hot seats were helpful for the people in them, but even more so for us who were giving suggestions. Thinking through someone else’s problems helps you define your own. I walked away with more motivation than I walked in with, and action items that I was able to implement very quickly. This is a do not miss event!”

Lastly, Social Media expert and fellow 90 Day Year attendee had this to say,

“The Live Mastermind Experience with Trivinia gave me an opportunity to get to hear about other struggles fellow entrepreneurs were having in their growing and scaling process in their business, but it allowed me to see Trivinia in ‘action’.  She’s so helpful and always willing to start a conversation to help you think about your business goals from a different direction to make sure you are focusing on the right things to help you get where you want.  The food was delish, like really…..and the people? Oh, loved getting to know them so much! Trivinia’s live mastermind experience was definitely a 5 star experience for me!”

There is nothing I love more than coaching other entrepreneurs! I had no idea that it would become a calling of mine until Todd gave me several opportunities to share my business with others in new ways.

Walking away from our live mastermind that Monday, I was on an emotional high! Early that morning, I was nervous. How would people respond? Would I really be able to speak into the lives and business of others?

Little did I know, it would be one of the highlights from the live event. I’m already planning my next live mastermind because I immediately saw the value that it gave other entrepreneurs.

An afternoon well spent!

90 Day Year Live

The 90 Day Year Live event is THIS MONTH and I am honored to have been asked to speak at this incredible event.

This event is one of the best I’ve been to. If you want a feel for The 90 Day Year content, want to surround yourself with some of the hottest entrepreneurs, teachers, and Founders around (and a few celebrity guests that I need to keep on the DL) join me in Sunny San Diego, April 18th and 19th.

You should not miss this chance to experience 90DY Live!