Why Building A Business Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint (And How To Enjoy The Journey)

I recently started running again! (Yay, me!)

I ran a 5k and 10k several years ago, so I thought it would be like riding a bike! Except it wasn’t. In my mind, I had trained my body to run long(ish) distances at one time, so I should just pick right back up where I left off. Boy, was I wrong! It’s a lot harder than I remember. Or at least it seems that way. Perhaps it’s that I took a 5-year hiatus from my Nikes and now my body hates me!

As I was running one day, wishing my finish line was closer than it was, I began to think about how building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

When I signed up to start my business, I knew I was in it for the long haul. I didn’t want to sprint to the end. Instead, I wanted to condition myself to take my business further. There are many ways to condition your business to go the distance, and today I’d like to share a few with you.

Get Started, But That Isn’t It

Getting started is exciting! You hear the gunshot and everyone is off.

Have you watched the runners who don’t pace themselves? Come miles 4 and 5, they lose steam. They’re tired, wondering why they signed up for this in the first place. On the other hand, those who choose to pace themselves manage the race much more successfully.

The same can happen when you’re starting a business. You’re working for yourself, doing something you love and making money…. at least that’s the plan, right?

They say getting started is the first step but it’s only the first step. Once you start your business, there is a flood of responsibility that comes right along with it and if you aren’t careful, you’ll go so fast, you begin to lost steam and make irrational decisions. You cannot do it all!

Who is going to build your website?
Who is going to market your product?
Who is going to grow your audience?

The list goes on and on and chances are you aren’t the answer to every question.

As you’re beginning your business journey, it’s important to know which tasks are a priority to propel you forward and which tasks are those that can wait or should be delegated.

You will need to onboard a trusted individual to take on the tasks that either isn’t a priority for you or take too much of your time. In order to build at a strong and steady pace, you need to rely on the support of others around you and know when to delegate.

The People You Meet 

As you build your business, you are going to meet a lot of people. One of the questions I asked in the last section was “Who is going to market your product?”. While you may have a VA who will help you market and grow your audience, you need to get yourself out there. Not only to market but to learn from others.

I’ve found that some of my best learning environments are the masterminds I’ve been a part of. Of course, a large portion of that learning is from the brilliant minds such as Todd Herman and Dan Martell who charge the way. However, many discussions that drive me or give me thoughts to digest come from the encounters I have with entrepreneurs who have been in business long before me.

I love hearing stories of how they’ve overcome obstacles, grown empires and took massive leaps toward their goals. The candid, heartfelt conversations that inspire me to take action.

Not only do I learn from these wonderful individuals but they have also become my biggest cheerleaders, and I have become theirs as well. The people you meet along this journey will be some of the best people to empower, equip and encourage you. Don’t miss them!

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

While meeting other entrepreneurs can inspire you, it can also derail you… if you let it!

Don’t compare how you’re doing to anyone else but yourself. Just as it is with a marathon, you are in competition with yourself.

Sure there are those who are only out to be the fastest. You don’t have to be that person! Majority of runners in a marathon are only out to beat their best time. Not the time of the other runners. The same rule applies to business.

If I compared myself to my competitors, I’d lose my mind! I don’t need to worry about how fast or slow they are growing, I simply need to watch my pace and stay in my lane.

Everything Will Be Okay

Bumps are going to happen. Skinned knees (metaphorically, I hope!), bruised egos and disappointment may will come along. I wish the world were only sunshine and roses but that isn’t going to happen! You are going to struggle but the good news is, you are going to be okay!

Remember that VA I mentioned? The person who will help fill in the gaps of what you aren’t able to do. They are there for you. Cheering you on to greatness, wanting nothing more than to watch you succeed.

Not only will your VA cheer you on but those people who you invest your time in, they will be right there watching you cross the finish line toward your goals. Why? Because you had a goal and set your sights on it.

Will it be hard? Yes.
Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

I want to be in that group of people cheering you on in business. I love to celebrate the success of entrepreneurs who have been supported by my rockstar team! Let’s get started here.

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