Become Fit In Every Area Of Your Life

Do you want to become fit in every area of your life? Balance is a beautiful thing, though it doesn’t always seem attainable.

We’re often told that we can do whatever we want and everything will be just fine. As long as we think that it’s best, then what’s the problem?

I’ve found that mindset to be 100% false. Not only in business, but in my personal life as well. You know the whole, “I’ll start Monday” mentality or my personal favorite, “I’m an adult, I work hard and I deserve it”. That mindset only brought me stress and pain. I struggled to find balance.

No one told me that running a business could be stressful. Sure, I KNEW that it would be hard, but I never fully understood the weight that would be on my shoulders.

As time passed, I began to stress eat. Not just a little, but A LOT. Somedays it was because I was stressed. Most days it was because I was tired. Or it was a Saturday and I’d worked all weekend, so I deserved it. That quickly led me down an unhealthy path. I was eating antacids like candy, sugar was my best friend and a plate of chili cheese fries was my entree of choice.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and evaluated my life and realized the destructive path I was on.

This year, I decided to get my life back. I started a new eating regimen. I cut out sugar, unhealthy foods, and half & half in my coffee. Torturous, but necessary.

Since February of 2017, I’ve steadily lost the weight I put on and have cut the antacids out of my diet. Is is easy? Heck, no! When my kids want Dairy Queen, I want to indulge with them. However, I know that staying on course with this healthy lifestyle will be so much sweeter than an Oreo Cheesecake Blizzard.

This same principle applies to business. I want to become what Todd Herman calls Entre-Fit. It’s important to take a step back and ask, “How am I doing?” and “Is my business healthy?”.

Much like how I was living my life in January, pre-lifestyle change, consuming too much and lacking in activity, my business was like that two and a half years ago.

I was spending too much time-consuming information left and right, but not doing anything with it. There were too many voices in my head telling me to do this or that. Leaving me feeling overwhelmed and helpless and with an inbox full of courses I would never complete because I was looking for the next shiny thing.

That was until I met Todd Herman.

Todd spoke my language.

He understood that I was using what he calls, the OWW brain. Everything was a struggle. I felt like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall. Feeling as though I was going nowhere. Looking in the mirror and feeling like a failure because I was experiencing struggles.

He taught me to shift my way of thinking to the WOW brain.

Last week, I experienced a difficult situation in my business. Yes, there were tears. Yes, I was frustrated. The difference between now and two years ago, is that I was hustling to find a solution.

What I once would have considered detrimental was considered a challenge that I would face head on. I am better because of it and so is my team.  

Making that shift in my brain cut down my anxiety by leaps and bounds. No more taking years off my life because of difficulty. I stop, evaluate the situation, determine a plan of action and move forward.

As with dieting, it isn’t always easy. Somedays you want to stick your head in the sand, but what kind of leader would you be if you only took on the easy parts of business? Though it’s difficult, your business is reliant on you to square up your shoulders and know in your heart that you are good, you are capable and you were created for this very moment. Now show it who’s boss!

Staying true to the WOW brain will set your business up for success in ways you’d never imagined.

Difficult situations allow you to see cracks in the system that should need to be filled, you become a problem solver, you become a stronger leader and your business becomes refined.

Are you ready to shift your brain from OWW to WOW? Enroll in The 90 Day Year. Todd will teach you how to focus on 1 area of your business instead of unsuccessfully working on 9 areas and not gaining any traction. 

Had I not taken a step back two years ago and realized that unless I wanted to continue down an unhealthy path, I had to make changes. Changes that revolutionized the way I schedule my day, manage my business and empowered me to become the leader I’ve always wanted to be.

When you invest in The 90 Day Year, know that I will be there right along with you. I’m offering some incredible bonuses this year that will maximize implementation of the 90 Day Year.

First up, you’ll receive downloadable PDFs that will help you and your team implement The 90 Day year. I’m a checklist fanatic, so it’s only natural that I share with you the very checklists I use with my team. A training plan, how to set up systems and achieve high performance.

The second bonus you’ll receive are coaching calls with your truly. We’ll walk through the implementation process together. Each week, you’ll join our call ready to ask the questions that are important to you. This is your time. I’m here.

Third, and one of my personal favorites is a live mastermind. Each year, Todd hosts an event for 90 Day Year Live. We show up a day early, eat some great food, have some in-person face time and map out your next 90 days. I love hosting this live event because it gives us an opportunity to unpack your questions before heading into 2 days of live teaching from Todd.

Lastly, and quite possibly the most valuable for your business is the opportunity to work with one of my Priority VAs for 5 hours. That’s right! You’ll also receive 5 hours of free VA services. We’ll hop on a call and decide what is the most crucial to your business and match you with a VA that can knock out some tasks for you. The value you’ll receive from this bonus will completely change your business moving forward and I want to be a part of it.

Are you ready to become EntreFIT? Are you ready to end 2017 better than you could have imagined?

Todd is here.
I am here.

Become fit in every area of your life with The 90 Day Year.

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