A Few Of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… you know the song! It’s Julie Andrew’s classic from The Sound of Music. Every time I hear this song, it makes me think of my favorite things. It seems as though my favorite things go through a rotation…. mostly because I have a lot of favorites.

Today, I want to share with my absolute favorite things.

The 90 Day Year Planner 

This planner. Oh, it’s not girly. It’s not filled with cute graphics and pale pink pages.

It’s a get all your crap done notebook that is literally the catalyst that drives my business forward. I’m a sticky note kind of girl, so when Todd Herman sent this planner to me, I was reluctant. See, I am the girl that has fought off digital planners for ages. (Really, ask a former client of mine – I hated Asana and pretty much never logged it. If it wasn’t on a sticky note, it didn’t get done). So, moving to a paper planner in lieu of my addiction to sticky notes was a challenge.

But Todd thought of it all. The planner is meant to keep you on track, and it does just that. You can get on Todd’s list, here and be ready to rock your 90 Day Year with his planner, too.

Having this brilliantly designed planner every 90 Days keeps me accountable, and on track. Plus, I love looking back to see how I’ve progressed since working with Todd.I know you want to work with him now, too, don’t ya?

Rocket Fuel

Gino Wickman is just brilliant. His book Rocket Fuel, recommended to me last year by Jaime Masters has literally changed my life.

Working with a spouse is not always easy (ask Chris!) and this book helped us not only define our roles in the business, but realize how we can best work together to create a company that is not only in sync, but getting our tasks done with less stress and an overall understanding of where we are with each other, instead of the bickering that used to happen when we were stepping on each other’s toes all day. If you aren’t sure who you need in your business to scale it, then this book is for you.

A Standing Desk

I wanted a stand-up desk for a long time, not because I enjoy standing, but rather because I was sitting at my desk for sometimes 14 hours a day or more. I can sit for a long time. I cannot stand for 14 hours a day…. So a Stand-up Desk was my solution to workaholism. It’s been fantastic. Because I was scared to drop a ton of money on a desk I may never use, I turned to the one place besides Ikea that I knew would have what I needed. Cost Plus World Market. I found this desk and had it delivered. It was easy to set up, and while it does move to a sitting position, I’m too lazy to manually move it (plus, I might spill my coffee if I tried) so it has me standing for no more than 6-8 hours a day. The added benefit, I do mini squats a lot or move from side to side to burn a few extra calories during the day. It’s been great so far, and well worth the investment if you want to try a standing option. I don’t think I’ll ever buy the pricey desk, since this one works just fine.  

Blissful Eats Granola

My gluten free, “no flavor” attempt to get healthy has challenged me to no end in finding easy go to snacks I can eat at my desk. Until I remembered my friend Nicole Culver’s Granola and Muffin mix. Oh my gosh, this stuff is so good. I was lucky enough to get some of the newest flavor (Coconut!) at an event with her a few months ago, and it was all I could do to not steal it. Every flavor is so chock full of yummy goodness that I don’t even feel like I’m eating well. It’s my go to snack when traveling (since I can’t ever eat the peanuts on the plane!) or when I’m at my desk for a day full of calls when I need a pick me up. You have to get on Nicole’s list and get a discount on your first purchase, too. It’s so darn good. You’ll write me to thank me, I know it.

My Favorite Way to Waste Time (but still be learning)

I’ve gotten fairly good at kicking my Facebook Scrolling habit, so when I need a brain break from work, but still want to feel responsible, I turn to Dan Martell’s You Tube Channel for inspiration. Dan is funny, engaging and wicked smart. He’s a coach and a mentor of mine, but the value this guy drops is incredible. His YouTube videos come out weekly and there is always a takeaway for me that has me re-thinking something in my business. 

My MoleSkin

One of my favorite things to do is attend conferences. Sounds crazy, I know but I love learning from experts giving solid advice for my business. However, if you don’t have a strategy you’ll leave feeling overwhelmed and without a clear plan to use your new found knowledge.  

I’d say my pro tip is:

At the back of the book, give yourself ONE page for ACTION items from the event. Title the page [ Conference Name / Date ] and then list the 3-5 action items you want to take.

This method helps you to not have a zillion things you want to do, and a place to document the must do’s from the things you’ve learned without having to go back through all your notes.

Post It Notes 

Besides checking the mail each day, I’d say crumbling post it notes when something is done is my favorite part of the workday. It’s so satisfying to crumble up the square and toss it in the trash knowing “boom” that stuff’s been handled!

Seriously, try it! For one week, write down your tasks on a single post it for each task and crumble them as you complete them. Oh, the joy. (I know you’re laughing at me. Stop it. It’s fun, I promise.)


Every good post it note needs a legible note on it… so I use my Uniball Vision Needle tip pen.

like to get them in a variety of colors and find that blue is my go to color most days. Simple, I know but a good pen is life!

I’m always looking for ways to improve my life and make things run smoothly in my business.

Do you have a favorite tool or product you use? I’d love to hear about it!

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