5 Reasons Why You Need To Know Where You’re Going

Vision boards, goal setting, and 5-year plans.

If you’ve attended any kind of coaching event, summit or self-help conference, you’ve heard this in one way or another.

“You need to set a 5-year plan”

“You need to set goals”

“You need to create a vision board”

But, why? If I know what I want to do with my life and my business, isn’t that good enough? Well, you would think so but odds are just knowing what you want isn’t going to cut it. To really gain traction, you need to be conscious of your goals and make them more than a thought.

Writing your goals down on paper, hot gluing magazine cut outs or creating a Pinterest board won’t give you a magic potion to automatically achieve your goals, however, they are all motivators. Statistics show that people who write down their goals have an 80% higher success rate than someone who doesn’t. 80%!!!!  

Everything they’ve taught us is true. The reason so many motivators and coaches tell you to WRITE your goals down is because as soon as you do, you are saying to yourself and those around you what you want for your life.

 It’s a catalyst for you to get your butt in gear!

#1: You’re too hung up on the past

I get it! We all have things we’ve done (or didn’t do) that can try to keep us from hitting our goals. I met a man a while back who had been in prison and while he was in prison, he created a recipe for protein bars. IN PRISON! His resources were limited but he knew he wanted a change for his life.

If a man in prison can create a recipe for a now successful manufacturer, I think you can get over your past failures and missed opportunities to make a shift.

#2: It isn’t just you anymore

 Chances are, you aren’t the only person you support.

Whether you have a family, spouse, significant other, elderly parents or employees, you aren’t the only person affected by your decisions.

You aren’t in business just for you. It’s time to adult and push yourself to your next goal. 

#3: You get ideas again

Let’s face it. Sometimes we can become stagnant in our day to day lives.

No one wants to admit it but it’s true. All too often we get so busy that we forget to come up with new ideas. I’m an idea person. I love to come up with new ideas to grow my business, help clients, and recruit new VAs. When I get lost in the daily grind, I start to feel uninspired.

That is until I look at my vision board and goals I’ve laid out for myself and our business. It’s strange how I get re-energized thinking of how I can accomplish x,y, and z.

#4: You get to work in your strength

Not once have I watched someone write down a goal for something they hate. Why? Because if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we want to do what we love… as we should!

Don’t get me wrong, my goals are full of new things I want to learn. I love to read, learn and explore new avenues for my business. Being an entrepreneur, you’re constantly learning. However, I have yet to make a list of goals that were absolutely grueling to me.

I know that when I work in my strength, I’m more efficient. I save the tech for my team!

#5: It’s isn’t all business 

Last month I hosted a team retreat for my core PVA team members.

One of the exercises was to write out our 3-year goals. What struck me was that each of our boards included travel.

Sure, travel sounds fun and leisurely. Who could really make that a reality with life smack dab in the middle? Well, let me tell you something… we are going to make travel a priority!

 How will we make it happen?

Simple. We know where we want to go in our business. Our goals have made it clear, what we need to do in order to have fun! 

I suggest starting out with micro-goals. My business coach and mentor, Todd Herman teaches us to write our goals in two-week sprints. This has helped me tremendously! I know exactly what I need to accomplish in two weeks, which helps me with my long-term goals, dreams, and visions.

 So, what are you waiting for?

 Know where you’re going with your business and start writing down your goals.

Grab a journal, a clean piece of paper, notes in your phone, whatever you and start writing! There is no better time than the present.

P.S. If you’re ready get moving on your big goals and are ready to enlist the help of a skilled VA, I’m your girl! Let’s chat.

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