My 2017 Pits & Cherries

Each night at the dinner table, my family and I go around and share our Pits & Cherries for the day.

We encourage our children to share the junk of their day, but in my pursuit to be more grateful, I want them to end on a high note each day. It’s a great exercise if you’ve not tried it.

We’re five years into our business, and we’ve had our share of pits and cherries. 2017 was no exception.

Maybe you can learn from my Pits & Cherries of 2017.

The Pit List:

Clients That Bail –

Commitment to outcomes is one of our core values here. When a client doesn’t commit, like one this year that gave ZERO notice to laying off 13 VAs at the start of summer. That sucked. By far, the hardest day of my life was telling these women that their job was gone that day. Bonus: our contracts are airtight against this now, so I suppose this could also be a cherry!

Not Having The Right Fit –

Hiring because someone is nice, isn’t the best business move. I should know better. Having the right seats on the bus is especially important when scaling a business. Ensuring the right personalities are in the right role is critical. Now more than ever, I’m committed to making the right call, faster – even if it may hurt someone’s feelings.

Being Held Back From Success –

Not being able to join the mastermind I felt was the perfect fit for our business, was a punch in the gut this year. I’ve been on a mission to find a place that welcomed both my husband and I, (and I thought I’d found it), only to be told after they’d “sold” me, that it wasn’t a fit for what we wanted really was a pit. Still, we are committed to finding the right place for us.

The Cherry Bowl:

Creating Our Own Version of Work-Life Balance –
Some people work really well in their home. I learned this year that I needed a separate space to be creative and actually accomplish my goals. Having a  cottage on our new property that doubles as my “office” has been great for my sanity.

I get more done, and the 300 yard walk home in the evening allows me to “reset” into mom & wife mode. If you find yourself struggling to disconnect, perhaps try a separate workspace!

Throwing Goals Out The Window
I was a chronic goal setter for years. I’d yo-yo diet, set unrealistic business goals and most of the time, never meet any of them. Now, our focus is on People, Process, and Projects. With those three pillars in our business, we’re focused on the right projects, using the right process and the right people (see pit above regarding people!).

My go-to to get more cherries out of my day is the 90 Day Year Program. Todd Herman is a master at teaching people how to maximize their day for exponential progress.

Getting into “Flow State”

I never thought I was capable of reaching the elusive “flow state”.

Harnessing the power of a proven system Todd taught me (called the OPP Framework) has me working most days in my zone of genius. This is a far cry from two years ago when I worked 13 hours a day, getting nothing actually “done”.
He shares in the second video in his free 90 Day Year Workshop:  

  • How he stumbled upon the biological mechanism for entering into “flow states” … and how with the help of his mentor Jim Rohn, turned it into a repeatable process that you can just as easily plug yourself into.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that people make when they set goals that sets them up for failure…and what to do instead

Creating Feedback Loops:
In 2017 I finally embraced the idea of iteration at scale. I used to stall on putting anything out there, fearful that it wouldn’t be perfect.

Now, I work much faster after implementing the idea of feedback loops that I learned from Todd. I launched a mentorship program for VAs, did a webinar series for business owners and even created a new content method for connecting with my tribe.

Some ideas worked, others bombed, but we were able to get feedback fast and adjust accordingly. It’s helped me become way more adaptable to change and we’re implementing a lot faster!

Watch the series now to learn how I did it…

And don’t forget to download the worksheets that will allow you to immediately implement Todd’s powerful OPP  framework.

To getting it done it 2018!

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